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    Leadership In Margaret Atwood's Poem "Happy Endings"

    "Happy Endings" tells six different stories A-F. Each story starts with the characters from the previous story that the same characters passed on from each previous plot line. Although each plot is different, all the stories end the same with a 'happy ending' (Plot A) (For Leadership Class)

    Plot A

    This is the ideal "happy ending" story. Mary and John fall in love and get married. They live in a nice home, and have good jobs which they each enjoy. Soon they start a family and go on many fun vacations together. Years later they retire from their jobs and are satisfied that they lived long fulfilling lives. At some point they both eventually die story ends.

    Plot B

    This version starts with the same character names, Mary and John however they each have new personalities. Instead of introducing this new plot with a happy, romantic couple, Mary falls in love with John while John is not in love with Mary nor does he ever at any point of this story. Mary lacks having leadership qualities like confidence, or self-respect. She throws herself at him and starts to become dependent on a selfish, and ungrateful man whom she cant build the courage to leave. John takes a different woman named Madge out on a date to a fancy restaurant while Mary is hurting. She eventually takes multiple sleeping pills and aspirin with alcohol still while hoping John will get to her in time to take her to the hospital. John never ends up coming for her. The story ends with Mary dying, and John and Madge getting married, continuing on with plot A.

    Plot C

    The third story line includes th4e character John once-again, however he is now an older man and falls in love with Mary who is only twenty-two. Mary uses the excuse that she 'feels sorry for him', but that is no reason for someone to have romantic relations with another person while being in love with a different man named James at the same time. John is married to Madge with two children but says he made a commitment and would never leave his wife. One day John walks in on Mary and James together and ends up buying a gun then shooting both of them then finally himself. After a period of mourning, Madge marries a man named Fred, continuing on with story A.