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6 Things The World Needs From Germany

You´re going to love them ALL. Promise!

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1. The holy trinity: Bier, Breze und Obazda

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Three things you should have tried at least once in your life. A cold, delicious beer, a freshly baked pretzel and a creamy, tasty obazda (a cheese spread made out of camembert, butter and bell pepper). Prost Mahlzeit!

2. Best refreshment: Spezi

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The best thing after a long day? An ice cold Spezi, a combination of coke and fanta. Yes, you´ve heard right. The Germans bring both together – in one bottle. Genius, right?

3. Solid breakfast: Strammer Max

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Muesli is for the weaks! Strong ("stramme") foodies eat Strammer Max for breakfast. The warm served sandwich is made of sourdough bread and comes with ham, cheese and fried eggs. Garnished with parsley and pickles this is the perfekt hangover breakfast.

4. Afternoon treat: Kuchen

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There´s one thing Germans really got in their blood: baking cakes! From Käsekuchen (classic cheesecake), Apfelkuchen (apple pie) to Marmorkuchen (marble cake) and Hefezopf (braided yeast bun), every single one just tastes brilliant.

5. Perfect midnight snack: Currywurst with Pommes

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You want to know what Germans eat when they arrive home late at night? With probably one beer too much? Its definitly Currywurst mit Pommes: A kind of delicious sausage with tomato sauce, curry and fries on top. Yes, thats the way you want to go to bed, isn´t it?

6. The cherry on the cake: Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

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I know, cake was already mentioned. But this cake plays just in another league. Chocolate, whipped cream, cherries and Kirschwasser (a traditional schnaps from Germany) are combined to the Germans most loved cake of all times. Did you know that is should be at least 10 cm high and that the colors of the cake are the same as the colors of the traditional Tracht (costume) of the black forest?

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