Donald Glover's Impromptu "This Is America" Performance Was The Highlight Of The 2018 BET Awards

    "Everybody begged me to do a joke about that song," host Jamie Foxx said. "I said, 'That song should not be joked about.'"

    At the 2018 BET Awards Sunday night, host Jamie Foxx paused the show to give a shout-out to "singer, songwriter, philanthropist, movie star, overall badass" Donald Glover, bringing the crowd to its feet to sing along to his poignant hit "This Is America."

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    Foxx joked that Glover is a younger, better-looking version of himself with a real hairline, before taking a serious moment to praise the message of the video.

    "Everybody begged me to do a joke about that song," Foxx told the audience. "I said, 'That song should not be joked about.'" He then brought up a seemingly surprised Glover to the stage.

    Once Glover hit the stage, with the coaxing of Foxx, his alter ego Childish Gambino took over and sang "This Is America" a cappella.

    .@DonaldGlover will forever be the GOAT. #BETAwards

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    While some loved the moment...

    REAL love to Jamie for recognizing Donald Glover. #BETAwards

    Via Twitter: @TheRealDByrd

    With Jamie Fox’s blessing, @donaldglover humbly accepts the praise and is simply just happy to be here. What a guy #BETAwards

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    I’m here for the Donald Glover praise.

    ...others joked about how uncomfortable Glover must have felt being dragged on stage.

    Donald Glover when Jamie Foxx call him on stage #BETAwards

    "this why i don't ever come to these things." - donald glover to donald glover

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    LMFAO Jamie Foxx bringing up Donald Glover to the stage is equivalent to your mama saying β€œshow us that little dance you be doing” πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

    Before leaving the stage, Glover took a moment to give his own shout-out to female entertainers like Issa Rae and Lena Waithe, giving further proof of why both the crowd and fans on social media love him.

    I’m loving Donald Glover coming up & blessing us with a pajama look, a beautiful vocal moment & shouting out @LenaWaithe & @IssaRae #BETAwards2018

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    A representative for Glover did not immediately respond to a BuzzFeed News request for comment.