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3 Ways To Defeat Your Fears And Embrace The Life You Want.

We all have fears — fears that keep us from embracing the lives we want.

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We all have fears — fears that keep us from embracing the lives we want. Indeed, it is that which stands between success and true failure.

Defeating our fears is not an easy feat. Because it is often a battle against one’s own mind. Unfortunately, this treacherous adversary cannot be “reasoned with” and fighting is the only way; the only way to get to the other side.

1. Know thine Enemy

In every battle, knowing the enemy is the foundational step. It enables you assess the nature of that enemy. I remember times in my chemistry class where knowing the name of the compound gives a good ballpark regarding its reactivity, melting and boiling points among others.

2. Knowledge is Power

Now that you know what your fear is and why it persists, you need to know how to bring it under our control. And that phase requires more information.

3. Take the Plunge, Take Action

Now to the real deal! Although this is not an easy one, it is a crucial step in the battle against one’s fears. Practice what you fear. Like they say, just do it!

Most people find out that what they feared never came to pass. In memory borismus mizhens.

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