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7 Sobering Facts About Childbirth Among Black Women That Everyone Should Know

The stats are alarming, but March of Dimes is fighting to ensure a healthier, more hopeful future for all mothers and babies.

1. Preterm birth and its complications have become a major focal point for pregnant women, especially in the black community. Preterm birth and low birthweight are the leading causes of infant mortality among black infants.

2. The current reality is that women of color are up to 50% more likely to give birth prematurely compared to white women.

3. While more than 20% of premature babies are born to black women today, researchers, scientists, and health experts are collaborating to change that.

4. There’s no one cause of premature birth. There are many factors at play here, but experts are discovering the causes that translate into real-world solutions.

5. Pregnancy-related death has more than doubled over the past 25 years, and black women in the US have death rates over three times higher than all other women; this has to change.

6. It takes more than nine months to make sure a pregnant woman is healthy, in turn, ensuring her baby can be as strong as possible.

7. Nearly 4 million babies are born each year. Researchers, scientists, and advocates are hard at work to ensure that every one of them has the best possible start.

All facts from March of Dimes.

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