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  • Ultimate Holiday Playlist

    There is nothing quite like a driving holiday, cranking the tunes, and losing yourself to the music as you coast down open roads. The right songs can make any trip seem short, and sometimes even transport you away from a hectic traffic jam. Given these criteria, without further delay, I present to you the top 5 driving songs of all time. Make sure you load these onto your phone before you embark upon your next road trip!

  • Rajasthan: Explore The 3 Fabled Cities In Just 36 Hours

    For backpackers who are short on cash or time, a 36-hour trip is recommended. Such a short trip can really test your fitness but such a tour would, inarguable be one of the finest you had ever had. The major places to visit in Rajasthan during a whirlwind trip should be picked from the following ensemble.

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