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15 Ways You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Cook With Manuka Honey

This glorious golden nectar is as versatile as it is delicious — use it to elevate your everyday eating with these simple recipes.

1. Cinnamon cacao raw balls to keep you energised.

2. A berry smoothie bowl to mix up your morning routine.

3. A winter warmer tea to ease you in or out of the day.

4. Banana buckwheat pancakes for a café style brekkie, at home.

5. A turmeric chai tea to bring on the morning zen.

6. Pecan almond muesli for a healthy start to the day.

7. A Manuka honey smoothie for a sassed-up take on your go-to drink.

8. Flatbread with goats cheese, almonds and honey to appear fancier than you really are.

9. Rocket salad with honey dijon dressing that's anything but boring.

10. A warming bowl of porridge with delicious winter fruits.

11. A slice of blueberry banana bread you'll want to bake for your next Sunday brunch.

12. Red cabbage soup with honey crunch to take the chill off.

13. Peanut butter cookie dough ice cream sandwiches for the dessert of all desserts.

14. Summer cooler to get you in the mood for socialising, despite the cool change.

15. And finally, the crème de la crème topping on a classic cheese and fruit platter.

Manuka Health is New Zealand born and based — and for the third consecutive year, they are Australian Readers Digest's most trusted honey brand. From hive to production to packaging, every product is produced on-site, to ensure you are getting premium natural bee products and quality you can trust. Discover the entire range here.

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