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Book Review Websites 2017: Best Places To Promote Your Book

So, you have published your book. Easy enough (i know). What next? You need readers to actually read your book. And What can be as great as a positive review? Don't worry. Here's the solution to your problem. Check out these best book review websites to have your book reviewed!

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1. Vowelor

Vowelor / Via

Vowelor is a unique platform for the newbie authors to get their books to more readers with their strategic Author Program. The fastest growing community of readers from around world is all you need to promote your book and get it reviewed. Why wait? Want to actually make a difference in your book sales. Head up straight to for book reviews and promotion.

2. Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus is a large network for book review and has a repute. But generally they don't accept newbie authors. Being a paid service, Kirkus is for those who are willing to spend money. Still you can try your luck with them. If you have got a solid story then you should try getting it reviewed from Kirkus.

4. Omnivoracious


Omnivoracious is the official book review website of Amazon itself. Yeah, you didn't know? Thank me later. :P Basically they choose authors (even indie authors) for featured book review. So, you have your chance. If you have a masterpiece, just follow these guidelines and keep your fingers crossed to get accepted!

5. Goodreads


Goodreads is another popular book review network with over a million readers. They have a different approach towards reviews. Goodreads do not publish editorial reviews instead all the readers on the platform share their views about the book. All you have to do is create an author profile and add your book.

6. New York Times Book Reviews

NY Times

NY Times' books section is most reputed book review website. Every author wishes to have their book to be reviewed by NY Times as it can make anyone a sensation overnight. You have to send a galley copy at least 3 months prior to publication here.

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