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5 Facts About Ben 10 You Must Know!

Are you school kid? Love Cartoon Network? Can You play Ben 10 Games all day long? Then I can bet Ben 10 is surely one of your favorite cartoon characters. Right? I knew it. :D But, Are you the best ever Ben 10 fan? Check out the 5 Things Ben 10 Omniverse You Must Know!

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2. Ben 10 was the first to do Crossovers!

In 2012, Ben Tennyson actually traveled to another universe during Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and teamed up with the titular character of his own great (and underrated) show: Generator Rex.

4. Ben 10 wasn't planned to transform into Aliens in First place!

Originally, Ben was not going to transform into aliens but different versions of himself from alternate dimensions. But it was simplified to aliens to not confuse viewers

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