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15 Fancy Ice Creams You Have To Try This Summer

They're almost too pretty to eat

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1. This beautifully intricate lemon beepollen sorbet with honeycomb meringue from Daniel in New York City

Instagram: @renzellrestaurants

2. This museum-worthy piece of art from Liquid Art House in Boston

Instagram: @renzellrestaurants

3. This decadent chocolate concoction from Deuxave in Boston

Instagram: @renzellrestaurants

4. This take on the classic strawberry sundae with pound cake, vanilla pudding, ricotta, and almonds from Gramercy Tavern in New York City

Instagram: @renzellrestaurants

5. This picture perfect olive oil ice cream wrapped in vanilla mochi, poached pears, and olive oil jam from Coi in San Francisco

Instagram: @renzellrestaurants

6. This Baba Au Scotch with caramelized banana and black walnut ice cream from Le Bernadin in New York City

Instagram: @renzellrestaurants

8. This perfect banana ice cream with uni, truffle, and espresso from Acadia in Chicago

Instagram: @acadiachicago

11. This fresh peach sorbet with jasmine rice granita, frozen husk cherries, and crystallized sunflower seeds from Zahav in Philly

Instagram: @zahavrestaurant

14. This Thai tea ice cream from Lukshon in Los Angeles

Instagram: @lukshonla
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