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We Need To Talk About Dulé Hill

To prepare for the upcoming release of Psych: The Movie, we need to step back in time and remember something forgotten (or learn something so deliciously new) about one the main stars of Psych.

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Many of us know and love Dulé Hill from his turn as Gus on Psych.

Others may remember him from his many other brilliant roles, including his Emmy-nominated turn as Charlie Young in The West Wing.

But few seem to remember his enticing, endearing, much too brief turn in the Disney movie Holes.

"Who might he have played?" you might wonder. "I know everything about Dulé, there's no way I would have forgotten!" you may protest.

Only one clue should be necessary to jog your memory.

"I can fix that."

Dearest Dulé portrayed the role of Sam, the onion seller who steals the heart of Katherine Barlow (and all of us). Katherine would later be known as Kissin' Kate, in order to avenge Sam's death.

Never have four words induced such youthful swooning in myself (and many other individuals reading, I might guess) as implicitly as these.


You may remember that they even call back to it in Psych.

Can you resist this smolder?

I didn't think so. / Via

Psych: the Movie airs December 7, 2017 on USA Network!

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