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  • Little One II

    I rescued this tortie 13 yrs ago from the Humane Society. She was very ill & I almost lost her the first night, but a dedicated vet drove 30 miles into town, & saved her life. LOII is almost a spitting image of the first tortie I rescued, hence, the II. I lost my first Little One to leukemia, but thankfully, this old girl is healthy!

  • angel Kitty Grey

    this crosse eyed, loyal, adoring love was being abused across the street & she’d run over to get in my lap, or be petted. She’d hide in my laundry room, & I decided to rescue her. After working with the ASPCA, being threatened by the family that owned her & a grueling year of concern for her, she was surrendered to me. I’ve rescued & loved animals for over 40 yrs, & this was the most rewarding, heart felt one ever. She graced my life with unconditional love, trust ( which was a miracle, considering the beatings & horrific things humans did to her kittens) & I’ve never felt that love ever. She supported me through deaths, illnesses & a disability for 21 yrs. I’ll never feel that love again. My baby, Kitty Grey.

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