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    19 Amazing DIY Gifts That Only Look Expensive

    Get the $$$$$ look for $.


    1. Put together a mid-century modern clock for a friend with retro taste.

    Because actual mid-century modern goods cost bank.

    Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.

    2. Use fabric paint to "watercolor" a set of napkins.

    For the hostess.

    Get the tutorial at Alice and Lois.

    3. Turn some test tubes into a chandelier for flowers.

    For someone who's always buying fresh flowers.

    Get the tutorial at A Pair & A Spare.

    4. Bend a minimalistic brass curve necklace.

    It'll go with practically everything.

    Get the tutorial at Almost Makes Perfect.

    5. Make homemade candles that look like they came from an expensive boutique.

    The boutique = your kitchen.

    Get the tutorial at Fall For DIY.

    6. Decoupage a trinket tray.

    Looking for some patterned tissue paper to use for this project? Try Paper Source.

    Get the tutorial at Sarah Hearts.

    7. Fold a piece of brightly colored suede into a clutch.

    After you make one for a friend, you'll be tempted to make one (or five) for yourself.

    Get the tutorial at DESIGNLOVEFEST.

    8. Or turn a piece of leather into a sketchbook.

    For your friend who's constantly scribbling something down.

    Get the tutorial at The Merry Thought.

    9. Make a DIY himmeli wreath that's stylish enough to leave up all year.

    If you're feeling lazy, you can buy one here.

    Get the tutorial at Vintage Revivals.

    10. Or make himmeli hangers for plants and jewelry.

    Get the tutorial at I Spy DIY.

    11. Cover cork with fabric to make a fancy AF upholstered message board.

    This would be a great gift for someone who works from home (just choose some fabric that'll match their space).

    Get the tutorial at Earnest Home Co..

    12. Create some museum-worthy reflective wall art.

    For someone who appreciates the glittering gloriousness of a disco ball... but who doesn't want to *actually* hang up a disco ball.

    Get the tutorial at Monsterscircus.

    13. Build a mug house for a coffee addict.

    Their loyal caffeine receptacles should have a cozy place to live.

    Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

    14. Dip-dye white rope and coil it into a bowl.

    Or a whole STACK of bowls.

    Get the tutorial at Sweet Paul.

    15. Construct a cutting board with built-in herb planters.

    People who love to cook *always* get cookbooks—make this instead.

    Get the tutorial at The Merry Thought.

    16. Sculpt a set of "marble" coasters using oven bake clay.

    Try to recreate the look of real marble or swirl together a crazier color combo (like turquoise and mauve).

    Get the tutorial at Earnest Home Co..

    17. Transform a vintage belt into a camera strap.

    For the photographer in your life.

    Get the tutorial at Everything Golden.

    18. Add quirky decals to vintage plates.

    19. Or use leather to make tassel keychains.

    One for each of your pals.

    Get the tutorial at Damask Love.