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17 Completely Awesome Party Ideas For Kids (Or Adults)

Doughnuts, dinosaurs, gnomes: these ideas are so delightful you'll want to use them for your *own* birthday party.

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1. Doughnuts / Via

Who doesn't like doughnuts? People who hate joy (and their tastebuds). The people at Fancy That *love* doughnuts and they put together the beauteous mint and coral colored party you see above (photographed by Katie Hickenbottom).

You can learn how to make your own doughnut balloons and a doughnut piñata using their simple tutorials.


One of the best things about throwing a doughnut party is the fact that you don't even have to make a cake! That being said, you may *want* to bake a cake: if you do, it should totally be this one shaped like a stack of giant doughnuts by Sprinkle Bakes.

When it comes to displaying the actual doughnuts, go the extra mile and build a rack! Stacking is great, but a rack will allow you to make towers of doughnuts that'll never tip over.


4. Gnome

Turn your home sweet home into a forest glen fit for gnome sweet gnomes.

To emulate this lovely arrangement from Inspired By This, cover floral arranging blocks with real (or fake) moss and use them to display lollipops. If you don't have *actual* stumps to use, you can cover the sides of cylindrical objects (vases, buckets, etc.) with woodgrain paper and the tops with more moss.


14. Dr. Seuss

It's easy to turn almost any book into a party theme, but Dr. Seuss books are particularly good choices to base a celebration around. This shop is stocked with printable props to put together a fun, Seuss-y photobooth.


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