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17 Completely Awesome Party Ideas For Kids (Or Adults)

Doughnuts, dinosaurs, gnomes: these ideas are so delightful you'll want to use them for your *own* birthday party.

1. Doughnuts

One of the best things about throwing a doughnut party is the fact that you don't even have to make a cake! That being said, you may *want* to bake a cake: if you do, it should totally be this one shaped like a stack of giant doughnuts by Sprinkle Bakes.

When it comes to displaying the actual doughnuts, go the extra mile and build a rack! Stacking is great, but a rack will allow you to make towers of doughnuts that'll never tip over.

2. Astronaut

Send out squishy moon stress balls as invitations (as seen on And We Play) and turn a few cardboard boxes into the perfect photo op (as seen on Unskippy Boppy).

3. Geology

Invite your friends and family to a rockin' geology party with these vintage-inspired invitations. They'll be *so* impressed when they arrive and see the gemstone cupcakes you've prepared.

Make crayon rocks to send home as favors and festoon the party room with a DIY gemstone garland.

4. Gnome

If you send an invitation this cute, no one will be able to RSVP no.

Make red hats for all of your guests using this no-sew tutorial at That's Quite Nice.

Once everyone has their red hats on, serve mushroom cookies and a cake shaped like a log.

5. Bubbles

Cover a cake with edible bubbles created using gelatin and send everyone home with bubbly favors (get the free printable at Persia Lou).

6. Glow in the Dark

Head to Say Yes to learn how to make glowing balloons (and then cover the floor with them).

Have a yard? Go outside and play glow in the dark baseball!

7. Flamingo

If you love the color pink (or even just awesome birds), mail out invitations to a flamingo party! How could you *not* want to after seeing this stunning event photographed by Amy and Jordan Photography?

Bring simple party hats to the next level with feathers and flamingo heads then play a few rousing rounds of ring toss using lawn flamingos (or build a piñata)

8. Rainbow

Head to Mr. Printables to get the PDF for their free rainbow invitations, then click over to The House That Lars Built to learn how to make a rainbow balloon arch that you'll want to keep up long after the party is over.

Make a rainbow cake topper using felt balls and a fun punching piñata using tissue paper.

9. Dinosaur

Place of My Taste has a ton of other clever food ideas for a dinosaur-themed party (including these Bugles nails and a fiercely carved watermelon).

10. Unicorn

Visit the Val Event Girl blog to learn how to make party horns for each guest and Sugar & Cloth to get the recipe for this gorgeous unicorn strawberry cake.

11. Science

Start the party off with a few science experiments (here are some great ones) and then serve petri dish JELL-O and "potion" you can drink.

12. Artist

Use brightly colored frosting to turn a giant cookie into an artist's palette (as seen over at Eclectic Momsense) and print out customizable invitations for boys or girls.

13. Pirate

Put together a paper pirate ship to display buccaneer cupcakes on or visit the Etsy blog to learn how to make a treasure chest out of candy.

14. Dr. Seuss

Learn how to make a cake topped with truffula trees at Diamonds for Dessert and green egg snacks at Practically Functional.

15. Monster

This post at The Photographer's Wife is chock full of ways to put together a marvelously monstrous shindig.

Give your guests one-eyed party hats to wear during the party and hand them a bottle of monster munchies as they leave.

16. Polka Dot

17. Bugs

Finally, get creepy and crawly (in the best possible way) with a bug party. Spread the word with winged invitations and then start to put together a magnificent dessert table like this one from Spaceships and Laserbeams.