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35 Science Experiments That Are Basically Magic

For everyone who hasn't gotten their Hogwarts letter yet.

1. Explode a watermelon in your backyard.

2. Learn about chemical reactions with a lemon volcano.

3. "Marinate" gummy worms in a concoction that turns them into "electric eels."

4. Add a Mento to different types of soda and see which one has the biggest explosion.

5. Study heat sensitivity using color-changing slime.

6. Make rainbow paper and discover how light reflects on a surface.

7. Play with glow-in-the-dark magic mud.

It's made using a potato! Whatttttttttt.

Get the tutorial at The King of Random.

8. Explore the process of precipitation with a raincloud in a jar.

9. Or use a jar to make fireworks.

10. Turn an egg into a bouncy ball.

11. Cool down with a slushie made without a blender.

12. Take a bath with fizzing dough.

13. Construct a whirlygig and watch the colors blur into a rainbow as it spins.

14. Make some candy that looks like glass.

15. Transform egg shells into glimmering "geodes."

16. Get artistic with marshmallow paint.

17. Create a sun catcher using slime.

18. Use a plastic bag to make a jellyfish in a jar.

19. Turn puddle jumping into an art form.

20. Or make rain art on paper.

21. Blow someone's mind with milk, food coloring, and soap.

22. Teach kids about magnetism using slime.

23. Spray watercolors on wax paper and see what patterns show up.

24. Blow a bubble cube.

25. Or make some bubbles that bounce.

26. Use your freezer to make a glassful of magic crystals.

27. Or make a crystallized version of a word.

28. Or a crystallized rainbow.

29. Squeeze an egg into a bottle.

30. Round up all the crayon bits and pieces around the house and turn them into crayon wands.

31. Turn the night sky into slime.

32. Assemble a homemade lava lamp in a bottle.

33. Paint with moon dust.

34. Mix up a rainbow that 💥EXPLODES💥.

35. Make ice ~instantly~.