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    27 Ridiculously Cool Projects For Kids That Adults Will Want To Try

    These projects are fun whether you're 5 or 35...or 105.

    1. Fill a jar with a nebula.

    2. Fill balloons with shaving cream instead of water.

    3. Add food coloring to glue to make "cosmic" sun catchers.

    4. Study the chemistry of polymers with this leakproof bag experiment.

    5. Construct a snow globe using a LEGO figurine and some glitter.

    6. Or make some vibrant "instant snow."

    7. Get clean with some DIY rainbow soap.

    8. Or make some rainbow rock candy.

    9. Learn about magnetism with an interactive sensory bottle.

    10. Embrace your inner witch and make some ~bubbling brew~.

    11. Melt pony beads and turn them into earrings.

    12. Craft some giant pom poms to turn into a necklace.

    13. Or a chandelier.

    14. Create beads using pieces of colorful corrugated cardboard.

    15. Use Kool-Aid to make handmade candy dots.

    16. Make an artistic mess with ice paint.

    17. Explore the wonders of weaving with cardboard looms.

    18. Turn pasta into "stained glass."

    19. Use cement to make "sand castles" that last forever.

    20. Create a glowing castle lantern to use as a nightlight.

    21. Investigate density with a magical potion tower.

    22. Grow a crystal garden using artificial flowers.

    23. Create a sweet work of art using paint made from Skittles.

    24. Fill a jar with layers and layers and layers of color.

    25. Sculpt pinch pots using air-dry clay.

    26. Get artistic while practicing your aim.

    27. And get gross with this DIY snot!