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33 Clever And Unexpected Uses For Ikea Products

Your Malm is so much more than a Malm.

1. The extendable portion of the Fräck mirror is even more useful when you turn it into a light.

2. Hang a Vurm rack vertically and it's perfect for wine, but flip it horizontally and it becomes an excellent wall planter.

3. Use a hinge and attach two Blanda Matt serving bowls together to make this wooden globe .

You can use it to hold coins from all the countries you've travelled to.

Full instructions at Kristi Murphy's blog.

4. Combine four Knuff files to make a wonderfully stylish tabletop.

5. Use a pair of Knuff files to add some extra space to the cabinets in your kitchen.

6. Ditch the tea lights and convert your Borrby lantern into a "plantern" for a few lucky succulents.

7. Adjust the height of the shelf in the PS 2014 wardrobe and use it as a desk.

8. Here's a Kryddig spice mill that has been reformed into a set of modern candlestick holders.

9. Wrap twine around an assortment of Losjön hangers to display your child's artwork in a unique way.

Or create an inspiration board for yourself above your desk--either works.

More information at Mommo Design.

10. Floor poufs are awesome, but they tend to be super expensive: save some money and make your own using a floor mat.

11. Use a jigsaw to remove the bottoms of a bunch of Trovast bins and then screw them to the wall to create an incredibly modern storage solution.

12. Even kids can make straws into garlands! Just bend them into triangles and link them together.

13. Get a little more complex and use the straws to make a mobile.

14. Stack several Lack tables together into a tower for your cat.

15. This is somewhat strange, but incredibly useful: a couch caddy made from a Toga place mat and some Njuta slippers.

16. Turn a couple of Blanda bowls into some retro doll furniture.

17. Variera plastic bag dispensers are just as adept at dispensing yarn.

18. Instead of using the Grundtal toilet paper holder in the bathroom, make it into a stand for your headphones and station it on your desk.

19. Let the Eivor throw keep you cozy all winter... and then stitch it into a maxi skirt for the summer!

20. Have an Alseda foot stool that's seen better days? Remove the covering and turn it into wall storage.

21. Grundtal knife racks can be used to organize anything made with metal or magnets (like toy trains, for instance).

22. Have a hankering for some ribs but no way to hold them up in the oven? Variera pot lid organizer to the rescue!

23. Screw a Variera shelf insert to a wall and use it to organize your jewelry.

This hole-punch design is much too pretty to be a shelf insert--it deserves to be displayed.

Full instructions at East Coast Creative.

24. If you don't want to drill holes in your wall, use an Ordning kitchen utensil rack instead.

25. Add a lamp to the inside of a Moleg storage stool and turn it into a nightlight / nightstand combo.

26. Combine a Väte lamp with a tea cup from the Duktig set and soon you'll have an adorable hot air balloon.

27. Turn a Bestå shelf unit into a a luxurious bathroom for your cat.

28. Attach some rope to a flipped-over Frosta stool and it'll become a swing!

29. Yet another use for the Frosta stool. Yes, that's right--this bike is made from two stools!

30. Or perhaps you'd prefer to sled on your Frosta instead of scoot?

31. Turn a Tarva chest into a cooler for your porch.

You won't have to make so many beer runs to the kitchen.

Full instructions at Ikea Hackers.

32. Insert a Heat trivet into the bottom of a lampshade for a cute (and quick) storage solution.

33. And finally, the most absurd(-ly genius) way to use an Ikea product of all: the Frakta shopping bag raincoat.

You definitely won't be the most stylish person on earth.... but the bag only costs $0.59! You'll be dry with some extra money in your pocket. Let 'em laugh.

Full instructions by Stephanie Casper at Instructables.

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