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    29 Small Business Sales You Can Shop Online

    Support a small business from the comfort of your couch.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    FYI — deals move quickly on Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday. We’ll do our best to keep this post as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately.

    1. 30% off at Valfré.


    Get the purse here and the planner here.

    2. 15% off at Therese Kuempel Jewelry on Etsy.

    Therese Kuempel Jewelry

    Get the earrings here and the bracelet here.

    3. 20% off at Big Bud Press.

    Big Bud Press, Via

    Enter promo code BIGSALEWEEKEND at checkout.

    Get the top here and the WHY pin here.

    4. 30% off (plus free shipping on orders over $50) at

    Enter promo code THIRTYOFF at checkout.

    Get the coat here and the bag here.

    5. Buy one product, get another one for 40% off (plus free shipping on orders over $40) at Femfetti.


    Get the first sweatshirt here and the second sweatshirt here.

    6. 30% off orders over $50 (plus free shipping) at Little Arrow.

    Little Arrow

    Enter promo code BLACK2018 at checkout.

    Get the lemon earrings here and the bracelet here.

    7. 20% off at Women Artists.

    Women Artists

    Enter promo code WA20PERCENT at checkout.

    Get Women Artists (Volume Five) here and the tote here.

    8. 25% off at Dusen Dusen.

    Dusen Dusen

    Enter promo code GIBLET at checkout.

    Get the bedding here and the dress here.

    9. 20% off at Wicked Clothes.

    Wicked Clothes

    Enter promo code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.

    Get the "Let's Summon Demons" tee here and the "Ghost Hunting" tee here.

    10. 30% off sitewide at Hackwith Design House.


    Enter promo code PumpkinPie at checkout.

    Get the top here and the sweater here.

    11. 20% off on orders over $20 at Bee is for Bear on Etsy.

    Bee is for Bear

    Get the first card here and the second card here.

    12. 30% off at We Are Knitters.

    We Are Knitters

    Get the mini snood kit here and the cardigan kit here.

    13. 20% off at Poketo.


    Enter promo code ARTEVERYDAY20 at checkout.

    Get the cocktail kit here and the wall planner here.

    14. 25% off at Petit Collage.

    Petit Collage

    Enter promo code WONDER at checkout.

    Get the print here and the advent calendar here.

    15. 20% off at Farm To People.

    Farm To People

    Enter promo code BLACKOUT at checkout.

    Get the "Pizza Party" bundle here and the "Pickle Freak" bundle here.

    16. 20% off at Goldenbeets on Etsy.


    Get the waffle hat here and the sticker set here.

    17. 20% off at ag.Jc Atelier on Etsy.

    ag.Jc Atelier

    Get the first pair of earrings here and the second pair of earrings here.

    18. 30% off (plus free shipping on orders over $50) at Wildfang.


    Get the sweatshirt here and the jacket here.

    19. 30% off at Beauty Bakerie.

    Beauty Bakerie

    Get the foundation here and the lip whip here.

    20. 25% off at Amy Heitman on Etsy.

    Amy Heitman

    Get the greeting card here and the agenda pad here.

    21. 30% off at Loup.

    Enter promo code MERCI2018 at checkout.

    Get the jacket here and the coveralls here.

    22. 25% off at Pinch Provisions.

    Pinch Provisions

    Enter promo code HELPERS25 at checkout.

    Get a pack of boot treating towelettes here and the "Binge-Watching Beauty Kit" here.

    23. 30% off at Tiro Tiro.

    Tiro Tiro

    Enter promo code THANKYOU_18 at checkout.

    Get the ring here and earrings here.

    24. 15% off orders over $7 at Bel's Art on Etsy.

    Bel's Art

    Get the pin here and the patch here.

    25. 20% off at Kaye Blegvad.

    Kaye Blegvad

    Enter promo code HOLIDAY18 at checkout.

    Get the cat ring here and the wall hook here.

    26. 30% off at Kate Gabrielle.

    Kate Gabrielle

    Enter promo code MISTLETOE at checkout.

    Get the ornament here and the pin set here.

    27. 25% off at Denik.


    Enter promo code FRIDAYFUN at checkout.

    Get the notebook here and the planner here.

    28. 20% off at The Good Twin.

    The Good Twin

    Enter promo code SWEATPANTS at checkout.

    Get the keychain here and the notepad here.

    29. 30% off at Yellow Owl Workshop.

    Yellow Owl Workshop

    Get the socks here and the earrings here.

    30. 20% off at Frog & Toad Press on Etsy.

    Frog & Toad Press

    Get the goat trophy here and the pennant here.

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