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38 Borderline Genius Ways To Organize Your Garage

Make your car proud to park there.

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3. Keep every tool in its proper place with outlines.

"Honey, stop hanging the wrench on the hammer hook!"

Learn more at Hey, Let's Make Stuff.

5. Install a set of old school lockers and assign one to each member of your family.

Where do you find old lockers? Keep an eye on Ebay, Etsy, or Craigslist.

Learn more at 100 Things 2 Do.


8. Get some air with a sliding screen door.

Yes--garage screen doors exist! If you spend a lot of time in your garage (or if you live in an area plagued by mosquitos and other bugs), you may want to invest in one.

Learn more at Shanty 2 Chic.

9. Have a "no shoes allowed in the house" policy? Maximize floor space and store them on a rack instead of the ground.

Ban dirt.


21. Hang your fishing rods from a ceiling rack to keep them out of the way.

You can buy one here... but if you're handy with a jigsaw, it would be a cinch to make your own.


28. If you really want to house your children's driving toys in style, make them their own mini garage.

This way they're protected from the elements but not taking up space in your *actual* garage.

Learn more at Mom Endeavors.

30. Utilize the space above your garage door with mounted shelving.

This would be a good place to store holiday decorations and other things you don't need all that frequently.

Buy them here.

31. Use large metal buckets to store children's outdoor toys.

If you think the contents of the buckets will change frequently, you could make easily erasable labels using chalk and chalkboard paint.

Learn more at Random Thoughts of a Supermom.

34. Do a lot of building? Make yourself a lumber cart to organize your supplies.

This way you can easily figure out what you need (or don't need) before you head off to Home Depot.

Learn more at Shanty 2 Chic.

37. After painting a room, save a swatch of the paint color for future reference.

This way when you need to touch up the walls in your bathroom, you'll know that you used Rustic Sunset not Orange Glow.

Learn more at Hi Sugarplum.


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