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    29 Ridiculously Awesome And Inexpensive Things To Ask For This Year

    Make your list *now* so you'll have plenty of time to check it twice.

    1. Ice cream cones that have lipgloss on one end and a pen on the other.

    2. A sweatshirt that'll remind you to be yourself.

    3. A pet rock you can wear around your neck.

    4. A wee narwhal nightlight for anyone who's still a little afraid of the dark.

    5. A series of prints that combine cats with food.

    6. A set of pencils for the person whose favorite words are the four letter ones.

    7. A backpack that looks like an ice cream sandwich.

    8. A calendar with personality.

    9. A pair of "Spocks" to keep your feet warm.

    10. Glassware that looks as drunk as you are.

    11. A trio of nesting dolls with picture frame faces.

    Price: $15

    12. A journal to keep track of all the delicious things you eat.

    13. A tank of "jellyfish" to keep on your desk.

    Warning: Your productivity will most likely go down after powering this baby up.

    Price: $24.99

    14. A personalized rolling pin.

    15. An undead cribbage board.

    16. An elephant mug with a built-in compartment to put your tea bag in.

    17. A mouse pad featuring the best quartet in television history.

    18. A baby sloth bowl to store your rings in.

    19. A hypnotizing print.

    20. A unicorn with a corkscrew horn.

    21. A meow-some set of highlighters.

    22. A poster featuring a map to the introvert's heart.

    23. A mug to help you make the perfect Bloody Mary.

    An important part of a balanced breakfast.

    Price: $9

    24. A tentacle that squirms when you plug it into a USB port.

    25. A set of pins featuring the Ronettes.

    26. An Ewok coin purse.

    27. A headband straight from the Cretaceous period.

    28. A zine about butts.

    29. And a T-shirt featuring your new life's motto.