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    14 Rock Hard Beach Bodies You Need To See

    So wet, so hard.

    1. This clam woke up like this.

    2. A sea urchin shows off her toned derriere while watching the sun set off the coast of California.

    3. Can we get this hunk to tell us some fitness tips?

    4. Curves to kill for.

    5. #nofilter

    6. This turtle turns heads wherever she goes.

    7. A mussel rockin' a seductive sea weed headdress as she soaks up the sun.

    8. A smokin' hot sand dollar.

    9. #fitnessgoals

    10. Are things heating up in here or is it just this periwinkle's bodacious bod?

    11. Hot couple alert!

    12. A sexy hermit crab flaunting her frame.

    13. This crab looked red hot in *no bikini* during the holiday weekend.

    14. There was a seagull on the beach eating innocent bystanders, but everyone had their eyes on the horseshoe crab's chiseled shells.