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    14 Rock Hard Beach Bodies You Need To See

    So wet, so hard.

    1. This clam woke up like this.

    Jacek76 / Getty Images

    2. A sea urchin shows off her toned derriere while watching the sun set off the coast of California.

    Aaron Nystrom / Getty Images

    3. Can we get this hunk to tell us some fitness tips?

    Harry Thomas / Getty Images


    4. Curves to kill for.

    Zharate / Getty Images

    5. #nofilter

    Uwmadison / Getty Images

    6. This turtle turns heads wherever she goes.

    Chrisbyrnephoto / Getty Images

    7. A mussel rockin' a seductive sea weed headdress as she soaks up the sun.

    Lara111 / Getty Images

    8. A smokin' hot sand dollar.

    Ryan Miner / Getty Images

    9. #fitnessgoals

    Baitong333 / Getty Images

    10. Are things heating up in here or is it just this periwinkle's bodacious bod?

    Ispi-photography / Getty Images

    11. Hot couple alert!

    Ogusuku / Getty Images

    12. A sexy hermit crab flaunting her frame.

    Ratth / Getty Images

    13. This crab looked red hot in *no bikini* during the holiday weekend.

    Carolyn Gaik / Getty Images

    14. There was a seagull on the beach eating innocent bystanders, but everyone had their eyes on the horseshoe crab's chiseled shells.

    Janashea / Getty Images

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