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    27 DIY Friendship Bracelets You'll Actually Want To Wear

    Any bracelet's a friendship bracelet if you give it to your BFF.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Settle in for a Netflix marathon with a pile of cord and create an armful of these easy-to-make knotted beauties.

    Full tutorial at Purl Bee.

    2. Use teeny-weeny seed beads to send a morse code message in bracelet form.

    3. Get out your paintbrush and decorate a couple of wooden bangles using some brightly colored paint.

    Full tutorial at Sarah Hearts.

    4. These lovely sea glass bracelets would be the perfect gift for someone you've spent a lot of time lounging on the beach with.

    5. Add rhinestones to a simple braided friendship bracelet to kick it up about 10 notches.

    Full tutorial at Flamingo Toes.

    6. Here's a tutorial that will teach you how to give your friendship bracelets a cool "tie-dye" effect.

    7. Like to weave? Try making these fun (and cozy) woven bangles!

    Full tutorial at My Poppet Makes.

    8. If you prefer crocheting to weaving, try making this bangle instead.

    9. The heart on this sweet bracelet is made from polymer clay: customize it with the word of your choice using stamps.

    If you don't have alphabet stamps, just carefully scratch a word into the clay using a toothpick.

    Full tutorial at Say Yes.

    10. If your friend is a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, try making her some of these simple multi-strand bracelets.

    Full tutorial at Homey Oh My.

    11. Another minimalist option: this delicate infinity bracelet.

    Because your friendship will go on forever.

    Full tutorial at Thanks, I Made It.

    12. If your BFF scoffs at minimalism and likes to make a statement with her jewelry, whip up a few harlequin bangles.

    Full tutorial at My Poppet Makes.

    13. Go shopping at the hardware store (yes, the hardware store!) to purchase the components you'll need to create this cool rope and brass tubing bracelet.

    Full instructions at Eat Sleep Make.

    14. These fabric beads are super easy to make.

    Why not help a kid in your life make a bunch for their friends?

    Full tutorial at Hello Natural.

    15. Make a wire heart bracelet for a friend you <3.

    Full instructions at I SPY DIY.

    16. This braided cuff is like a fancier version of the traditional friendship bracelet.

    17. This adjustable leather bracelet is an easy choice for crafting novices.

    Full tutorial at Melissa Esplin.

    18. If you're an experienced crafter who wants a bit of a challenge, try this etched copper cuff.

    If you're feeling especially artistic, you could etch a cartoon version of you and your friend onto the cuff!

    Full tutorial at The Merry Thought.

    19. Of course you'd love to make a bracelet bedecked with actual diamonds, but that's just not going to happen--try rose quartz instead.

    20. Customize these with the first letters of you and your friend's names.

    Full instructions at A Beautiful Mess.

    21. Make a giant "pearl" bracelet for a friend with classic yet quirky taste.

    22. Go to town arranging loose rhinestones in any pattern you choose atop a piece of cotton ribbon.

    Full instructions at A Pair & A Spare.

    23. Follow this video tutorial to learn how to make a fruity friendship bracelet.

    Full tutorial here.

    24. Make your friendship bracelet easier to take on and off by adding a clasp.

    25. Customize a simple cuff with a charm that means something to your friend.

    Do you always go skiing together? How about a snowflake? Did you play together on a team? Use a soccer ball.

    Full instructions at Hello Natural.

    26. Take some colorful beads, add a tassel, and soon you'll have some fun bracelets that are perfect for stacking.

    Full instructions at I SPY DIY.

    27. It may not last forever, but a floral bracelet will sure be beautiful for an afternoon.

    Full instructions at Paper & Stitch.

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