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31 Awesome New Products To Check Out This Week

A ridiculously fun yard game, rainbow highlighter, a scratch and sniff book about weed, and 18 other cool new products to check out.

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8. A frowning handmade mug who's bound to make *you* smile.

I guess that's kind-of cruel..... smiling at this ceramic creature's sadness—ah well, sorry (machine-washable / microwave-safe) mug dude/dudette.

Get it from Article& for $36.


13. An outdoor bean bag game to make you even more glad that all the snow has finally melted.

It comes in a travel bag so you can easily lug it to the beach, the park, or your neighbor's house.

Get it from The Grommet for $59.95.


19. A shaker that *looks* like a work of art for making cocktails that *taste* like a work of art.

Well, I guess they shouldn't literally taste like a work of art (paint / plaster / canvas / etc.), but you get what I mean.

Get it from Anthropologie for $54.


22. A coloring book to use while you watch every episode of The Golden Girls on Hulu.


25. Limited edition Disney-themed prints by Dave Perillo.

26. A lightweight, non-sticky gel made with cactus extracts to make your skin ✨glow✨.


30. A hard-boiled egg peeler that'll get the shell to "slide off like butter."