25 DIY Projects That Will Fill You With Joy

    Unless you hate joy.

    1. Top a dog bed with your favorite emoji face.

    2. Protect your iPhone with a candy-covered case.

    3. Make gem-shaped pieces of chalk and use them to create some sidewalk masterpieces.

    4. Choose some of your favorite family photos and turn them into needle felted wallhangings.

    5. Or dancing family cut-outs.

    6. Add some flamingo head hooks to your wall.

    7. Store your spare change in a DIY piggy bank.

    8. Create a cuddly wall hanging out of pom poms.

    9. Sew up a pile of (jelly) bean bags.

    10. Celebrate with a itty bitty unicorn piñata.

    11. Make some sweet, sweet music with maracas shaped like cotton candy.

    12. Light up your life with a DIY neon cactus light.

    13. Glue rhinestones to a boring tissue box.

    14. Stitch up a smiley Loch Ness Monster.

    15. Decorate a lampshade with duct tape.

    16. Use cement to make a pair of merry planters.

    17. Fill up a tutu with pom poms.

    18. Or dip-dye a skirt.

    19. Turn a sewing basket into a llama-shaped planter.

    20. Keep your coins in a DIY purse that looks like a macaron.

    21. Repair torn knees with monster patches.

    22. Plant a succulent in a DIY disco ball planter.

    23. Package up some presents animal-style.

    24. Cover the inside of your medicine cabinet with contact paper.

    25. Transform your child's drawings into dolls.