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39 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow If You Love Color

The brighter the better.

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1. Kimberly Genevieve

This wall is amazing and so is Kimberly's entire account. She's a photographer based in Los Angeles and even her food photos are vibrant.

2. Alice Oehr

Have you ever received such an adorable piece of mail? Befriend illustrator and designer Alice Oehr and maybe you will.

3. Matt Lyon (c86)

Follow Matt and eagerly wait for him to post one of his wonderful shape-filled illustrations.

4. Kitiya Palaskas

Kitiya is a "craft-based designer with big hair" and one of the most vivid accounts around.

5. Shannon ONeill

Shannon is vintage inspired designer who also makes rad monster sculptures.

6. Hooray Today

Hooray Today = makers of fun, colorful cards. Follow them and it'll be almost as awesome as actually getting one in the mail.

7. Will Bryant

Will is a designer living in Portland, Oregon. His exuberant, positive work is always nice to see during an Instagram scroll when you happen to be feeling gloomy.

9. Rilla Alexander

Rilla wrote and illustrated The Best Book in the World (Flying Eye Books, 2014) and her Instagram isn't too shabby either.

10. Crafting Community

You may not be able to visit Crafting Community in Los Angeles, but you can still get plenty of inspiration (of a colorful sort) by following their account.

11. Dusen Dusen

Ellen Van Dusen is a fashion designer with a bright palette and (bonus) a cute dog.

12. Camilla Falsini

Tweet. Tweet. Everything in Camilla's feed is neat.

14. Martha Moore Porter (Buried Diamond)

Charms from Buried Diamond > charms from Pandora (and you'll want eight bracelets covered with them after you start following Martha).

15. Beci Orpin

Can't get enough Beci Oprin greatness? Check out her books.

16. Craig & Karl

Craig is in New York and Karl is in London, but their work is now on your phone and ready to brighten up your day.

17. Annie Larson

Annie is the queen of vivid knitwear.

18. Kari Devereaux

Have a fairly bland wardrobe? Maybe Kari will inspire you to buy things in richer hues. Or perhaps a banana-print suit.

19. hellosandwich

The username is slightly misleading and you may not see a lot of sandwiches, but you will definitely see a lot of color.

21. Matthew Daniel Swan

Matthew is an illustrator based in London. This plate is just one of many featured in his account - wouldn't it be great to host a dinner party using them? Or start a plate wall? Or even just eat off of one (keeping all of your food to the side so you can fully appreciate its marvelousness)?

22. Kindah Khalidy

Radiant abstract work from Kindah Khalidy.

23. Gorman

If you're the sort of person who would wear a dress covered in lobsters, vegetables or satellites, you'll probably love following Gorman (an Australian clothing, accessories and homeware company).

24. Leslie Schneider (Splendid Rags)

"Visual optimism" from Leslie Schneider (a stylist in California).

25. Brittany Watson Jepsen (The House That Lars Built)

A highly enjoyable Instagram account with oh so many fabulous shots worthy of posting on Things Organized Neatly.

26. Tiffany Pratt

Judging solely from her Instagram account, Tiffany's life is art directed by Crayola.

27. Will Taylor (Bright Bazaar)

More brightly colored doors and walls than you ever imagined existing.

28. Karen Doolittle

Scroll quickly through Karen Doolittle's photos and it will make your phone screen look a bit like a rainbow.

29. Julie Pinzur

Can't get enough? Follow Julie's other account: Mokuyobi Threads.

30. Cat Rabbit

There's no way this alpaca won't put a smile on your face. Pineapple saddlebags!

31. Marion Toy

Fully committing to a colorful lifestyle.

34. Hine Mizushima

When you see a felted octopus tucked cozily into a petite bed you must IMMEDIATELY follow the account of the human who created him (Hine Mizushima).

36. Margaux Carpe

Another illustrator with a strong appreciation for brightness.

37. Sara Cath Pierce

"A photographer that lives a dreamy life with dreamy people" in psychedelic colors.

38. Lesley Barnes

Lesley's account is an excellent mix of vintage things and her own illustrations.

39. Charlotte Love

Lastly, here's Charlotte Love's merry account. Your time spent on Instagram will now be approximately 428% more colorful. Enjoy.

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