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    31 Ways To Make Your House A Kid's Paradise

    Rain nor snow will stop the fun.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Swing and watch TV at the same time. / Via

    Much more enjoyable than watching TV on the treadmill.

    2. You may be a bit dizzy when you reach the bottom of this curly fry of a slide.

    3. No yard space? No problem.

    This family's home is a great example of how to bring outdoor recreational activities inside.

    4. A cute little cottage equipped with a quick escape route.

    5. The high walls of the pool help to prevent sand spillage.

    Just make sure the kids know to brush off before they jump out — and keep your cat away: To their feline eyes it will appear to be a very luxurious litter box.

    6. Slides! Balls!

    The fun to be had in this house is almost overwhelming.

    7. Turn a sprint up the stairs into a lesson about the colors of the rainbow.

    So educational.

    8. Forts don't necessarily have to be perched in trees.

    9. But if you believe that the tree is a necessary ingredient, just bring a hunk of one in.

    Make sure to throughly cleanse your chosen stump of all insects first (unless you're into that insectarium-style life).

    10. You don't even have to get complicated — plywood works. / Via

    Simple. Effective.

    11. The perfect way to escape some siblings.

    Sayonara, chumps.

    12. Relax in an enormous hammock. / Via

    Just try not to think of the pain that would ensue if the netting gave out. Maybe put a ball pit below it?

    13. When you make your own ball pit, you don't have to worry about strangers' germs.

    Here's how.

    14. Too lazy to put together a bunch of pipes? Blow up a pool.

    The slide isn't necessary, but strongly encouraged.

    15. Get out that energy, kids!

    Frolic! Play! Your parents will be over there....folding laundry. Again.

    16. Gymnast in training.

    Make sure to lay down a rug for a gentler falling experience. Maybe even a padded mat.

    17. Adult in the front, kid in the back.

    David Allee / Via

    A mullet of a room.

    18. The cheapest, easiest way to bring a piece of the playground indoors.

    19. Of course she's smiling — she has a swing in her house for goodness' sake!

    20. A DIY jungle gym to monkey around on.

    21. "How shall I climb into bed tonight: the bars, the ladder, or the rope?"

    So many options.

    22. Tire swing chic.

    Patrik Hagborg / Via

    23. "He flies through the air with the greatest of ease..."

    24. Check out this post to learn how to make an indoor climbing wall.

    25. Now you can use that knowledge to construct a wall that leads to a hidden nook.

    26. Or a little lofted hut.

    28. Books and a slide? / Via

    The pairing you never knew you needed.

    29. A choice well-suited for children who like to imagine that they're elves and/or squirrels.

    30. Slide, slide, slippity-slide.

    David Hotson Architect

    David Hotson Architect

    31. Last but certainly not least: Don't forget a seesaw.

    Sean Carnell / Via

    The finishing touch for the indoor playground of your wildest dreams.

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