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    31 Ridiculously Delightful Gifts You Can Make Yourself

    Get out your glue gun and your yarn — it's holiday crafting season!

    1. Create a clutch that you can color.

    2. String together an easy DIY necklace using beautiful beads.

    3. Make a no-sew apron with a personalized touch.

    4. Form some miniature popsicles out of clay and turn them into rings.

    5. Stitch some fun fabric into a bunch of snazzy headbands.

    6. Transform a tea towel into a bag.

    7. Marbleize some planters.

    8. Or some makeup brushes.

    9. Cover a tray with a mosaic.

    10. Or construct a rustic lap desk.

    11. Knit a hat that looks like it's covered in button candy.

    12. Assemble an adorable flamingo pull toy.

    13. Paint up a stylish backgammon game that's cooler than any board you'll find at a toy store.

    14. Dip dye a technicolor dog leash.

    15. Sew a Princess and the Pea–style cat bed.

    16. Make some shimmery coasters using crushed glass.

    17. Create a dreamy wall hanging featuring the phases of the moon.

    18. Slice some cork into state-shaped memo boards.

    19. Use felt to make some pin-storing cacti.

    20. Assemble the coziest knight helmet in existence.

    21. Make some semi-precious soap.

    22. Whip up some delicate earrings using lace.

    23. Stencil a message onto a pillow case.

    24. Reuse old tees to make a baby blanket.

    25. Create a clutch inspired by an emoji.

    26. Monogram a set of leather cufflinks.

    27. Create a classy (and easy-to-make) cake stand.

    28. Make an expensive-looking necklace out of inexpensive materials.

    29. Fill up a skirt with flowers.

    30. Bake up a tray of strawberry-shaped brooches.

    31. Create a set of personalized silhouette magnets.

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