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    19 Works Of Art Every Food Lover Needs To Know About

    Your stomach will start rumbling in three, two, one...

    1. "Skitchen" by Benoit Jammes

    You leave the house and your potatoes immediately start practicing their kickflips.

    2. "Processed Views" by Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman

    A project examining industrial food production, Ciurej and Lochman "built these views to examine consumption, progress and the changing landscape." You can buy a postcard set of the series here.

    3. Ceramics by Anna Barlow

    These sculptures may look deliciously oozy and gooey, but you'd break a tooth if you attempted to eat one.

    4. "Meals Interrupted" by Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca

    A series depicting meals that came to a close rather abruptly: "each shot vividly captures the disappointment and sense of abandonment that evidently accompanies a gathering that is suddenly and unexpectedly ended."

    The meals you see above = "Al Dente" ("an Italian lunch ruined by a calculated mob hit") and "Honeyed" ("picnic ravaged by a swarm of bees").

    5. "Sweet and Low" by Nicoletta Ceccoli

    "Material Girls"
    "Eat me, drink me"

    See other pieces from Nicoletta's "Sweet and Low" show here.

    6. Charted Food by Pop Chart Lab

    Like the cheese chart? There's more where that came from... here's coffee, beer, vegetables, wine, fruits, and whiskey.

    7. "Fingerprints" by Kevin Van Aelst

    After making the giant Cheez Doodle fingerprint, Kevin Van Aelst probably left *actual* cheesy fingerprints everywhere.

    8. "A Tribute to Budgie" by Anna Keville Joyce and Agustín Nieto

    To see the other birds Anna illustrated and Agustín photographed, click here.

    9. "Bauhaus" by Nicky&Max

    To learn more about the Bauhaus movement that inspired this series, go here.

    10. "Big Appetites" by Christopher Boffoli

    Real food + tiny people = huge greatness. Buy a copy of Christopher's Big Appetites book here.

    11. "The Comfort Food Series" by Jessica Dance and David Sykes

    Knit food you could take a nap on.

    12. "Candybar Carpet" by We Make Carpets

    Ine van den Elsen / Via

    This is probably the first time in your life you've ever actively wanted to eat a carpet. You should also check out their pasta and coffee floor coverings.

    13. "Recipes" by Nora Luther and Pavel Becker

    Preparing dinner would be exceedingly difficult if the ingredients suddenly became weightless.

    14. "Foodie Alphabet" by Vidhya Nagarajan

    Spell your name in food. Do it. If you mixed the ingredients together, would your meal be delicious or disgusting? "M" for maldon sea salt, "A" for anchovies, "L" for leeks.....

    15. "Contemporary Pieces" by Rebecca Rütten

    Photographs of fast food inspired by paintings from the Renaissance.

    16. "The Coming Storm" by Will Cotton

    Will Cotton, "The Coming Storm", 2014, oil on linen, 72 x 96 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Mary Boone Gallery.

    Would a cotton candy storm involve liquid sugar?

    17. "Band Riders" by Hargreaves and Levin

    If you're a famous performer you get to make requests before you arrive at a venue for a concert - you put together a "rider" filled with the different things you want to munch on and drink backstage. You could simply ask for bottled water... or get much, much more elaborate. In this series, Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin depict the riders of famous musicians like Beyoncé ("juicy baked chicken, garlic, sea salt, black pepper") and Marilyn Manson ("gummi bears").

    18. "Fictitious Dishes" by Dinah Fried

    Dinah Fried photographs different meals as they are described in works of literature (like The Bell Jar and The Catcher in the Rye). Intrigued? Her series was made into a book - buy it here.

    19. "Insult Cakes" / "Let Them Eat Cake" by Stephanie Gonot and Max Siedentopf

    I bet you can think of someone you'd like to send one of these to.

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