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19 Works Of Art Every Food Lover Needs To Know About

Your stomach will start rumbling in three, two, one...

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A series depicting meals that came to a close rather abruptly: "each shot vividly captures the disappointment and sense of abandonment that evidently accompanies a gathering that is suddenly and unexpectedly ended."

The meals you see above = "Al Dente" ("an Italian lunch ruined by a calculated mob hit") and "Honeyed" ("picnic ravaged by a swarm of bees").


17. "Band Riders" by Hargreaves and Levin

If you're a famous performer you get to make requests before you arrive at a venue for a concert - you put together a "rider" filled with the different things you want to munch on and drink backstage. You could simply ask for bottled water... or get much, much more elaborate. In this series, Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin depict the riders of famous musicians like Beyoncé ("juicy baked chicken, garlic, sea salt, black pepper") and Marilyn Manson ("gummi bears").