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    19 DIY Doughnut Projects That Are Cute Enough To Eat

    So much pink frosting! So many pink sprinkles! In honor of National Doughnut Day.

    1. Stitch up a doughnut you can cuddle with.

    Kyle Michaels for

    If you fall asleep with your head on this pillow, you'll probably dream of doughnuts.

    Full tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

    2. Make a felt doughnut cushion to stick your pins in.

    3. Customize an inexpensive purse with a sprinkled doughnut design.

    Jeff Mindell for

    Maybe it's not perfect for carrying doughnuts, but it's ideal for showing off how much you love them.

    Full tutorial at Studio DIY.

    4. Replace the polka dots on your Twister board with doughnuts.

    Jeff Mindell

    The makeover you didn't know your favorite party game needed.

    Full tutorial at Studio DIY.

    5. Create a doughnut bulletin board to display photos on.

    The tacks = sprinkles!

    Full tutorial at Paint The Gown Red.

    6. Turn an Ikea welcome mat into a giant doughnut.

    Here's a link to Ikea's rug selection.

    Full tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

    7. Crochet a dozen brightly colored doughnuts.

    Use them as play food for your children or to fill up a bowl on your kitchen table (people may be disappointed when they realize they're not edible).

    Full tutorial at Little Things Blogged.

    8. Make a doughnut-covered apron to protect yourself from stray sprinkles and falling icing.

    Or skip the apron and make a doughnut-covered dress!

    Full tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

    9. Stitch together a doughnut collar to add some character to your outfits.

    10. Make some teeny tiny Dunkin Donuts out of polymer clay.

    Awwwwwwwwww, baby doughnuts!

    Watch the tutorial here.

    11. Create a doughnut garland with your children...

    ...or on your own.

    Full tutorials at The House That Lars Built and My Poppet Makes.

    12. Make a bunch of doughnut balloons for your next party.

    You could even make a doughnut piñata to go with them!

    Full tutorial at Studio DIY.

    13. Print out a doughnut matching game to play with your family.

    It's fun *and* it will help younger children learn their colors.

    Get the printable here.

    14. Check out your reflection in a DIY doughnut mirror.

    15. Get doughnut-y feet with some "frosting" and sprinkles.

    The frosting is fake, but the sprinkles are real!

    Watch the tutorial here.

    16. Stencil doughnuts onto all of your tees.

    17. Protect your tables from stains with DIY doughnut coasters.

    Feel free to change up the frosting color scheme.

    Full tutorial at Hello Natural.

    18. Make a sweet card to give to a fellow doughnut lover.

    They'll truly appreciate the gesture.

    Full tutorial at One Sheepish Girl.

    19. Finally, make a few doughnuts out of paper mache to decorate any doughnut-free corners of your home.