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19 DIY Doughnut Projects That Are Cute Enough To Eat

So much pink frosting! So many pink sprinkles! In honor of National Doughnut Day.

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2. Make a felt doughnut cushion to stick your pins in.

As adorable as it is useful.

Full tutorial at Wrapped Up In Rainbows.


3. Customize an inexpensive purse with a sprinkled doughnut design.

Jeff Mindell for

Maybe it's not perfect for carrying doughnuts, but it's ideal for showing off how much you love them.

Full tutorial at Studio DIY.

7. Crochet a dozen brightly colored doughnuts.

Use them as play food for your children or to fill up a bowl on your kitchen table (people may be disappointed when they realize they're not edible).

Full tutorial at Little Things Blogged.


9. Stitch together a doughnut collar to add some character to your outfits.

Buttoning this on will instantly improve any top.

Full tutorial at Wrapped Up In Rainbows.


14. Check out your reflection in a DIY doughnut mirror.

You'd be looking even better if you were eating a doughnut.

Full tutorial at Wonderlass.

16. Stencil doughnuts onto all of your tees.

This tutorial is for a child's shirt, but there's no reason you couldn't emblazon your own tees with the stencil.

Full tutorial at The Alison Show.

19. Finally, make a few doughnuts out of paper mache to decorate any doughnut-free corners of your home.


Full tutorial at Baba Souk.


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