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Here Are The Best Hats You've Ever Seen

Who wouldn't want to keep their ears warm with an enormous slice of pizza?

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Seriously. You've never seen anything like them.

Phil started making his hats after moving from Perth to Melbourne, Australia. He told BuzzFeed Life that he thought putting his work on Instagram would help him meet more people and, "After a few weeks I found it was a great way to channel my energy into making things people were liking!"

He learned how to knit and crochet by watching tutorials on YouTube.

This magnificent hamburger creation was the most difficult to make.

"Mainly because it was one of the first, so I hadn't figured out how to make things as confidently!"

His favorite?

It "always changes, especially every time I make a new one! Right now, it's either my bacon and eggs or my pizza! Though the burger always has a place in my heart."

As it should.

Does he wear these amazing headpieces in public?

"The more people ask, the more I think I should be! Currently they all just sit around my room and get worn around the house every now and again. It's more of a case of not wanting them to get destroyed by going outside or having other people wear them!"


Be sure to follow Phil on Instagram or Facebook to see each new masterpiece he creates.

Crochet hooks have never been put to better use.

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