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    15 Insanely Useful Diagrams For Book Lovers

    Book and wine pairings? Yes please!

    1. A flowchart to find your (literary) love story.

    Created by Goodreads.

    2. A guide to book and wine pairings.[auto_group1]/0/

    Created by Gone Reading.

    3. Helpful (and ridiculous) ways to recycle a book you can no longer read.

    4. A guide to words that you never knew came from literature.

    5. Hmmmmm--what Shakespeare play should you read next?

    Created by Goodreads.

    6. How long will it take you to read a book? This chart may know.

    7. If you loved Pride & Prejudice you may also like....

    8. Would you use a pen name? These authors did.

    9. This chart will make you want to hop on a plane and go on a literary tour of Ireland.

    10. Or maybe you'd rather go on a children's book tour of the world?

    11. How to get your children to love reading as much as you do.

    12. Looking for a diverse book to read to your child? Follow the flowchart.

    13. A chart featuring books with more characters than you can POSSIBLY keep track of.

    14. How readers save the world (at least a little bit).

    15. And the reasons why books will always and forever be the best gift.