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    28 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

    A squishy mousepad, a doormat for Lord of the Rings fans, a sequined gown, and 25 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often.

    Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

    1. The cutest versions of Hermione, Harry, Ron, Dobby, Hagrid, and a variety of other Harry Potter characters ever. They're collectible keychains!

    They're sold in "blind bags" so you won't know which one you're getting until it arrives, but, tbh, that's fine: they're all equally adorable!

    Price: $6.37

    2. A gorgeous lightweight duvet set to transform your sleeping-bed into a garden-bed.

    Each set comes with one duvet cover and two matching pillow shams. Available in full, queen, and king sizes.

    Promising review: "Beautiful! I wanted something light and colorful for the summer. I paired this duvet with light blue sheets and the combination looks perfect!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $27.95+

    3. A mouse pad with a cushiony wrist support pillow you'll find yourself poke-poke-poking all day. It's so squishy!

    Promising review: "I gave this to my friend who is 87 and whose hands shake. The firm support for her wrist enables her to easily work on her computer." β€”Annalinde Wainwright

    Price: $7.99 (available in 13 colors)

    4. A "just right" (not too big, not too small) duffle bag for bringing to the gym.

    Promising review: "I bought one for myself and loved it so much, I bought it in a different pattern for my mom. She loves it too, and how couldn't you? The bag is a perfect size, has adorable pattern options, and has pockets in just the right places. I love carrying mine to the gym and using it for short weekend trips." β€”Caitlin

    Price: $34.95 (available in six patterns).

    5. A set of cheery plastic measuring spoons to replace the beat-up set you currently have moping around your kitchen.

    Promising review: "Everything in my kitchen is multi-colored, so these measuring spoons fit right in. They're also great for my 3-year-old to use when helping. I can say, 'two orange scoops' or 'one pink' and she can do it herself! A must-have for color enthusiasts or moms like me!" β€”Ashley Simmons

    Price: $4.82

    6. Wine. All the Time.: a book for anyone whose hand is permanently curled into "wine glass-holding position."

    Promising review: "I know little to nothing about wine, and Marissa did not make me feel bad about it. Throughout the entire book she is both funny and relatable, all while managing to actually teach you about wine. I'm looking forward to heading to some local wine shops, trying new ones, and figuring out what I actually enjoy...which, apparently, will include Riesling now, since not all Rieslings are sweet. Who knew??? Marissa did, that's who. I highly recommend this book and can't wait to share what I've learned with friends." β€”Ashley Whitford

    Price: $13.99

    7. A set of bath salt packets. Once you pour one into your tub, you'll basically be transported to a Japanese hot spring.

    Only in your mind, but still!

    Promising review: "When I lived in Japan, these were my favorite bath salts. They are usually the only thing my 80-year-old father specifically asks for for Christmas." β€”Jen H.

    Price: $10.60 (for 15 packets)

    8. A bamboo monitor (or laptop) stand with handy dandy organizing slots: places for your phone, a drink, pens, sticky notes, and more.

    Promising review: "This monitor stand is AWESOME! I'm a person who likes to have lots of places to store things. Pockets, organizers, drawers... I have way too much crap, and way too many places to store it all, but this stand keeps my desktop really well organized. I get to have a few desk items on-hand, then everything else goes in my drawer organizer, and my desk can be 'clean.' It also puts my monitor at a great height so I'm actually looking at the screen instead of up or down." β€”Victoria Horger

    Price: $26.99

    9. A strappy, light-support sports bra for anyone who wouldn't describe themselves as "having big boobs" (it's pretty as hell... but no, it's not going to support double D's).

    Promising review: "I've owned many many sports bras in my days and this is by far the best one! I've gotten so many compliments on the design, and it's so comfortable. I also love that you can add or remove the padding!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $9.99 (available in nine colors and sizes XS to XXL)

    10. A seat cover to protect your car from fidgeting feet, spilled snacks, and other kid-related threats against your upholstery.

    Promising review: "When we were trading in our car (somewhat spur-of-the-moment) and taking out our children's car and booster seats, what we found underneath was ridiculous! The seats had left a big impression in the leather (due to their weight) and the mess left behind was disgusting. It was a big lesson learned, so we bought these car seat protectors for our new car. I could not be happier with our purchase! We drive a suburban and these fit on the seats perfectly! Now when I take the children's car seats out, everything still looks brand new! I highly recommend this to anyone who has kids! Love, love, love this product." β€”Ninjapanda60

    Price: $24.49

    11. Gold-tone ~filigree~ drop earrings with a sparkly crystal in the center.

    If you like these beauties, you should spend some time checking out the other designs by 1928 Jewelry (that's who made these). They offer inexpensive yet beautiful pieces with a vintage look. See the rest of the earrings they have available on Amazon here.

    Price: $18

    12. Colorful ~Le Creuset on a budget~ casserole dishes (by Rachael Ray) that promote even cooking, so you don't have one section that's crustily burnt on to the side of the dish and another that's only lukewarm.

    Promising review: "I bought this pot in 2015 and since day one it has been my favorite/go-to pan! It fits on small burner and still looks like new. The best purchase I have ever made. I never use my cephalon pots anymore. Someday I will buy the whole set!" β€”Sherry Konrad

    Price: $32+

    13. A pack of six natural soaps: coconut, papaya, vanilla, lemongrass, jasmine, and ylang-ylang.

    Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE this soap! It has a great scent that isn't over-powering and rinses clean, leaving my skin super soft. Will definitely be purchasing this from now on!" β€”Missa

    Price: $14.95

    14. A book filled with 52 folk tales and legends from around the world; it's broken into 12 sections β€” one for each month of the year.

    Promising review: "I read this to my class and now my students sneak it off the bookcase when I'm not looking, so that they can read ahead on their own. It's the cutest kind of inconvenient." β€”Tycho

    Price: $15.88

    15. A pair of Asics running sneakers with a breathable mesh forefoot, gel cushioning, an outsole that'll increase traction on both wet and dry surfaces, and a moisture-draining sockliner.

    Promising review: "If I could legally marry these shoes, I would. Asics, I bow down to you for making the most comfortable shoe in history. I've never had a shoe that takes the exact contour of my foot and literally runs with it. They look good (everyone stops me to ask where I got these shoes), and they feel good. They still look new, and I have had them for almost a year. I walk 15 miles three times a week. I bought another pair, not because my current ones wore out, but because I cannot live without these shoes. I hope Asics continues with this conglomeration of colors, they can't get anymore beautiful. So I guess you can say I'm happy with my purchase πŸ˜ƒ." β€”MO

    Price: $66.95+

    16. A kneadable eraser you'll find yourself molding and squeezing (just for kicks!) for a solid five minutes after each pencil-erasing session.

    Promising review: "Erases perfectly. After a few minutes of playing with it, it's moldable. I love it. I am so happy I got it for such a low price." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $2.38

    17. A big ol' bottle of eucalyptus mint bubble bath that's gentle for babies....but totally appropriate for adults to use as well.

    Especially ones who'll appreciate the cool three-toothed monster on the label.

    Promising review: "A little bit goes a long way! We love this stuff. When implemented at bath time, it cuts the toddler drama down by 80% or more. The bubbles last a long time and get mountainous enough that bath toys can be driven through mountains of bubbles. Plus, it doesn't leave any residue in the tub, so no increased housework." β€”sam12587

    Price: $16.49

    18. A pack of silicone "flowers" for gently scrubbing fruits and vegetables clean, as well as the dishes you end up cooking those fruits and vegetables *in*. Not much of a chef? These'll also clean your shower or tub.

    Unlike "typical" sponges, they stay mildew- and odor-free and you can just pop 'em in the dishwasher to clean them.

    Promising review: "These are worth their weight in gold. I have used them for scrubbers, as trivets for hot dishes, and as spacers to stack pots, pans, or dishes. They are so versatile and feel so good, it's almost a shame to use them... But do it anyway, because you will fall in love with these. Not only are they useful, but the bright colors and silicone-feel make them a joy to use, for whatever you're doing." β€”RetiredDinker2

    Price: $15.99 (for five)

    19. 30 sheets of 12-by-12 inch card stock with fifteen unique marble patterns. Use them for scrapbooking and crafting, or frame 'em β€” the patterns are that pretty!

    Promising review: "Bought this as a gift for my granddaughter and she says it's the coolest paper she has ever had." β€”Brown Family

    Price: $9.65

    20. Plus a Fiskars trimmer to (cleanly and precisely) cut up that lovely marble paper (or any other paper you may have).

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this trimmer! I do a lot of paper crafting and have used a lot of different paper trimmers, but this is one is my favorite and has a permanent spot on my craft table. My very favorite feature of this trimmer is the 'SureCut' wire cut-line. I can see where the blade is going to cut before I do it! It works great and I no longer have to guess and hope that I have my paper positioned in the right place." β€”Crafty Blog Stalker

    Price: $15.99

    21. A sequined gown that only *looks* like it costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars.,

    Promising review: "I went to a black tie gala with a lot of rich woman. I can't keep up with them in style and price, but I was complimented on this dress so many times throughout the night. I was proud to tell people how much I spent and to see the shock on their faces. They were wearing dresses in the $500-$1000 range yet I was the belle of the ball! It felt amazing!" β€”Laura Harmon

    Price: $49.99 (available in two colors and sizes S-XXL)

    22. A doormat for Lord of the Rings fans. Tell Balrogs to GTFO.

    Promising review: "No orcs or anything have passed yet. Seems to work great." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $29.99

    23. Or (on a much sweeter note) a Totoro mat to lay down beside your bed. Nothing better than waking up and starting the day off right...with a Totoro-inspired smile.

    Promising review: "My daughters love Totoro. This rug is great to sit on top of the carpet right beneath my toddler's crib. She likes to squat over the rug and look at the characters. The picture on the rug is very clear. It's got the texture of those foam bath mats (soft memory foam). Never washed it so not sure how it would fare, but actual wear and tear has been good for the six months the girls have had it." β€”Aimee Golden

    Price: $13

    24. An itty bitty cleaning brush for getting into itty bitty places. Hard to reach spots? Ha! They won't be so hard to reach once you get this thing in the mail.

    The bristles are soft (so they don't damage easily-scratch-able things like a camera lens) and retract into the brush when not in use.

    Promising review: "What a cool and really helpful little cleaning tool, especially if you are the owner of a laptop. With my desktop computer, I didn't really worry about dirt getting down into my keyboard. If I suspected that some had made its way under the keys, I'd just turn the keyboard over and give it a good shake (maybe a smack or two on the back to dislodge any stubborn crumbs). With my new laptop, I realized that shaking and smacking weren't really the best way to treat the host of my computer's total electronic works if I intended to have it around for a while. When I spotted this little cleaning brush (about the size of and girth of a Magic Marker), I thought I could put it to good use. It hasn't left the side of my laptop since the day it arrived. If I spot any dirt or crumb, I just click the hidden, very soft rounded brush up and into action. Usually a sweep across the keyboard manages to clear away any problem dirt before it gets lodged under my keyboard. The soft, sharply-angled silicon tip is especially useful on my cordless phone and tablet; I use it like a mini squeegee to lift sticky dirt from the corners." β€”mj

    Price: $4.99

    25. A leather Gryffindor notebook for the Hermione in your life.

    They also offer Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff notebooks, along with a general Hogwarts one.

    Promising review: "This is stunning!! It's completely 'in-universe' and totally feels like something you'd see traveling along with a Gryffindor student β€” their own personal house-specific homework journal or something! It's made really well, too, and the pages feel like a journal from Hogwarts might!" β€”Greg Falcon

    Price: $13.56

    26. A tub of heavy duty cleaning wipes that'll get rid of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g: from lipstick marks and crayon scribbles to grease smears to bug splatters.

    Promising review: "I work residential construction and my hands can get pretty dirty: aside from just general dirt, I get into caulking, glue, oil, and grease.

    I carry these wipes in my truck, so they're handy to clean up with when I really get into a mess during the day (before driving home). I've also used them to remove Sharpie marks, adhesive labels, and many other messes you wouldn't think of using a cleaning wipe on." β€”JC

    Price: $11.94

    27. A 39-piece tool set. It would make an *excellent* housewarming gift for anyone moving in to a new place, be it a dorm room or an apartment or a yurt.

    Promising review: "To get all of this stuff for 16 bucks is actually unreal. Absolutely amazing value. So far I have used the screwdriver, the pliers, the hammer, the measuring tape, and the scissors. Everything seems to be good quality. Every household needs to have a tool kit and this one does the job at an insanely good price." β€”Seth Beresford

    Price: $16.99

    28. And the Criterion Collection edition of Rebecca on Blu-Ray.

    I'm πŸ’― adding this to my *personal* Amazon wish list. It's my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie (tied with Rear Window).

    Watch it.

    You should also read the book.

    Price: $25.99

    United Artists

    Mrs. Danvers up there needs to chill out. You totally have something to live for! Like..... checking out everything else people are wishing for on Amazon! Right here.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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