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37 Insanely Clever Organization Tips To Make Your Family's Lives Easier

How to control the chaos when you have a bunch of people living under one roof.

1. Add extra bins to your fridge to keep things from becoming a muddled mess.

2. Eliminate dinnertime stress and put together a menu planner.

3. Make a list pad and hang it on an easily accessible spot in the kitchen.

4. Keep an inventory on top of your freezer.

5. Declutter your counter and move all of your utensils over to the wall.

6. Keep adult, child, and pet medications in separate containers.

7. Store your trash bags on a roll so they're easier to grab.

8. Put the cleaning supplies you use most frequently into an easily transportable toolbox.

9. Convert a bread box into a charging station for your electronic devices.

10. Ditch the DVD boxes and organize your movies alphabetically with plastic sleeves and small tubs.

The boxes take up so much space! You'll free up so many shelves and--if you prefer--you could organize your movies by genre instead of title (holiday movies, musicals, cartoons, etc.).

Learn more at Simply Organized.

11. Store every single cord in your house in one labeled container.

12. Use a kitchen baking sheet organizer to hold binders filled with important information.

13. Eliminate even more paper clutter by following the suggestions on this chart.

14. Put together a homework station for your son or daughter to study at.

15. Don't have the space for a designated homework station? Make an easily transportable one instead.

16. Keep especially memorable homework assignments (and other papers) in keepsake boxes.

17. Organize the greeting cards you can't bear to throw away chronologically.

18. Use picture frames to make wipe boards that'll keep you organized *and* actually look good hanging on your wall.

19. If you really want to be the king or queen of organization, outfit a wall with a command center.

20. Drawer knobs are one of the easiest ways to add storage to your entryway.

21. Install a peg board by the front door to organize everyone's shoes.

22. Hang baskets from the rungs of a ladder to store mittens, scarves, or umbrellas.

23. Install a sports equipment organizer to organize athletic gear.

24. Transfer board games into plastic drawers to save space.

25. Label bins and keep small toys organized by type.

26. An even easier labeling solution: print out these and tape them to your tubs.

So easy.

Get the printable here.

27. Keep your collection of wrapping paper contained in a garment bag.

28. Add some "crap buckets" to your stairway to keep track of all the stray things family members leave around the house.

29. Pre-pack your children's outfits into pouches on Sunday night.

30. Another option: outfit tags instead of outfit bags.

Learn how to make these snazzy wooden daily labels at First Home Love Life.

31. It doesn't matter if you lose a sock when they're *all* white.

32. Add bins to the floors of your children's closets to keep track of the things they no longer fit in to.

33. Keep laundry under control and use a separate bag for each member of the family.

34. If you'd rather sort your laundry by type, put together a system like this one.

35. Print out labels for your children's dressers so they can help you put their clean laundry away.

36. An easy way to organize your garage = covering a wall with peg boards.

37. Set up an outdoor shelf stocked with labeled buckets to store the things you use in your yard.

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