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    23 Photos That Prove How Awesomely Weird Kids Are

    But that's why we love them.

    1. This boy who likes to drink water off the ground like a dog.

    2. This baby who is simply THRILLED to have her own bag of basil.

    3. This baby who likes to perch like a parrot.

    4. This child who would rather suck her toe than her thumb.

    5. This six-year-old who longed for a foot massager.

    6. This amiable lady who befriends store mannequins.

    7. This young man who created the next baby fashion craze.

    8. This boy who would rather wear socks on his hands.

    9. And this boy who would rather wear gloves on his feet.

    10. This safety enthusiast who refuses to eat without a helmet.

    11. This guy who always sends himself to the dog house (literally).

    12. This baby who loves the taste of knee.

    13. This silly girl who's a little confused about how to use baby powder.

    14. This kid who sleeps in a different strange place every night.

    15. This lady with an interesting TV watching pose.

    16. This child who drops instead of shops.

    17. This little lady who runs to the kitchen to steal a piece of bread whenever her mother isn't looking.

    18. This kid who rejects typical teethers.

    19. This future dentist.

    20. This sensible lady who wears gloves when she eats.

    21. This kid who goes into headstand mode after a nap.

    22. This brassiere thief.

    23. And this skillful poser.