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    33 Winter Coats That'll Make You Think, "Why Is There Even Summer?"

    Because the weather outside is frightful, but these coats are just delightful!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A reversible polyester coat, because your little black dress transitions effortlessly from day to night and your coat should, too.

    2. An iridescent coat that'll make you light up any room.

    3. A biker jacket — it can keep you comfortable and looking cool during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

    4. An eye-popping, machine washable, traditional Carhartt coat to show that you can stand out and be impeccably practical.

    5. A seriously heavy-duty SD-L Parka because winter means business and you won't want to show up unprepared.

    6. A hinto jacket to keep you warm while hiking through some beautiful wilderness, even though you and your coat will obvi be the best view.

    7. A plus-size overcoat so sophisticated you can wear it whenever you go to your mom's, to make her think your job as a barista artist pays enough that your BFA at Pratt was worth it.

    8. A tie-on cushy collar coat — it's basically the perfect way to support your neck while snoozing when you fly home for the holidays, and it will be envy of everyone else traveling who'll be stuck using their sad neck pillow.

    9. A faux-fur bomber jacket we would describe in the same way we would describe our perfect man; soft yet strong, good looking, emotionally supportive... okay maybe, "wind-resistant" will be more accurate IRL.

    10. An inconspicuous peacoat which'll seam just perfect, you fashion-savvy (bat) man.

    11. A cloak so totally witchy you're sure to turn some heads... into whatever you want.

    12. A pupper parka for when winter decides to rain cats and dogs.

    13. A faux-fur coat that'll make people go (drumroll please...) bananas.

    14. A shiny blue puffer coat — it just may be the trick to living your best Smurf self.

    15. A double-breasted bouclé coat, because you've got two boobies and they both want to be warm this winter.

    16. An insulated winter jacket to make you look like a rugged mountain man, instead of the Reader's Theater addict/indoor cat you really are.

    17. A money-green maxi coat for cold winter days when you'll feel like a shut-in, but look like a Kardashian.

    18. A velvet puffer jacket that'll help you pull off that ultra-enticing stovetop popcorn look.

    19. A surprisingly sexy reversible parka for when you, and the weather, can't make up your mind.

    20. A cotton candy camo jacket to make you look both sweet and strong, just like your mama raised you.

    21. A luxurious plus-sized coat so stunning it just may make you want winter to stay around forever.

    22. A white camo puffer for being the stealthiest person in the snowball fight.

    23. A power pink piece your closet will definitely thank you for.

    24. A fitted khaki moto jacket because winter doesn't always have to mean "bulky," unless you're bulking up, in which case, enjoy some protein powder in this totally bulky jacket.

    25. A confetti coat with the perfect name, and perfect look, for you to celebrate the snowy season.

    26. A sleek colorblock puffer we're pretty sure inspired Zoolander's "blue steel," to make you look like an overzealous male model all winter long.

    27. An asymmetrical puffer can dramatically close up when you're around people who just need to zip it.

    28. A winter robe so you don't have to actually get dressed to be warm.

    29. A traditional men's coat to make you look like a park ranger, people dig park rangers.

    30. A velvet padded jacket, because that deep blue will make your eyes pop and that velvet texture will dress up your sweatpants-in-Walmart attire.

    31. A Red Riding Hood coat with waterproof material specifically added for the tears of joy you're gonna cry every time you wear it.

    32. A quilted coat to wear on the days when it'll be so cold you won't want to get out from under your duvet, so you'll bring your duvet with you.

    33. A perfectly white peacoat can make you the real angel on top of the Christmas tree.

    When you don't have a cuite winter coat:

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