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    26 Incredibly Stylish Gifts To Get At Nasty Gal This Year

    They've got deals up to 50% off all week (and our paychecks are totally fine with that).

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A little black dress we know is sure to ruffle some feathers.

    Price: $24 Sizes: S-M Colors: two

    2. A mustard-yellow pullover which is definitely knot gonna be a standard bulky sweater.

    Price: $40 Sizes: S/M-M/L Colors: two

    3. An avocado sheet mask they can simply slip on for soft and silky skin.

    Price: $10

    4. A pair of black knee-high boots that'll be the real heel.

    Price: $64 Sizes: 5-8

    5. A mini dress as red as the mistletoe they're sure to be kissing under when they wear it.

    Price: $50 Sizes: S-L

    6. A velvet studded bag so they can (pearl) jam everything they need in one place.

    Price: $24

    7. A flawless plaid skirt that'll let out their Upper East Side schoolgirl socialite.

    Price: $40 Sizes: 2-8

    8. A bold beanie to let all their Tinder dates know what they're really looking for at the end of a date.

    Price: $16

    9. Or a comfy sweatshirt for the person who knows what Tinder's really for.

    Price: $40 Sizes: S-L

    10. A lightweight duster you're both gonna want in every color for every outfit.

    Price: $40 Sizes: 6-10 Colors: two

    11. A pair of gold hoops that'll look good from any angle.

    Price: $10

    12. A striped shirt-dress specifically made for wearing during rather risky business.

    Price: $50 Sizes: S-L

    13. A tasseled sweater that just may make casual winter dates way more merry.

    Price: $60 Sizes: S-L

    14. A pair of silver heels that'll shine this New Year's Eve.

    Price: $16 Sizes: 6-8

    15. Or a set of silver stackers to ring in the new year.

    Price: $12

    16. A collared jumpsuit for people who hate layering but love them some long sleeves.

    Price: $44 Sizes: 2-8

    17. A pair of fishnet tights that'll have everyone all kinds of starry-eyed.

    Price: $16

    18. A pair of beaded yellow earrings sure to make earlobes look lavish.

    Price: $16

    19. A lined diary perfect for writing about all the (almost true) details of their life.

    Price: $8

    20. A black bodysuit that'll be almost as comfortable as a birthday-suit.

    Price: $24 Sizes: 2-8

    21. A cup worthy of Instagram sure to give them the perfect mug shot.

    Price: $10 Letters: four

    22. A delicious T-shirt we know is gonna set their priorities straight.

    Price: $30 Sizes: S-L

    23. A floral blouse with shoulders that just may be as defined as their perfectly contoured cheekbones.

    Price: $50 Sizes: S-L Colors: two

    24. An iPhone case to give people who only want peace on earth this holiday season.

    Price: $16 Sizes: three

    25. A pair of laceless trainers so good you'll run to get a pair for yourself.

    Price: $50 Sizes: 5-10

    26. And a satin pajama set to give to the person who has been far more naughty than nice.

    Price: $30 Sizes: L-XL

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    Allison Krausman/BuzzFeed

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