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    25 Things To Upgrade Your Home Office If It's Now Your Only Office

    Make your office your home away from home...at home.

    1. A wall-mounted shelf desk sure to be a brilliant and beautiful way to work from home without making it look like you live to work. On top of that, it's just irresponsibly gorgeous.

    2. A pair of botanical bookends – you aren't gonna beleaf what a difference these make on your desk! Throw your favorite novels between these and give them the spotlight they deserve.

    wooden bookends with laser cut leaves stacked together

    3. An adjustable wobble stool you can replace your office chair or yoga ball with. You can rock around while sitting or adjust it to a near-standing angle — keeping you active and focused while you work.

    4. A "Quiet" sign that'll let everyone in your house know when they need to stay away or else THEY'LL be the ones giving a presentation on the company's quarterly goals.

    whiteboard sign hanging from doorknob that says hi i'm working with three checkbox options, do not disturb, knock first, come on in. it includes a spot to say when you'll be done.

    5. A desktop whiteboard designed to fit comfortably between a keyboard and a monitor, i.e. RIGHT in front of your face. Thanks to this, there's no chance you're gonna forget your most important notes.

    The dry erase board with the words "Isn't this fabulous?!!!" written out on it

    6. A gorgeous glass lamp I simply believe none of us should have to live without. Put this in your office, stat! I promise it'll light up your life.

    7. An all-in-one Cannon wireless printer that'll print, scan, and copy to your heart's content!

    8. A tufted wool leopard rug — a fashion-savvy touch that's sure to look ~spot~ on in your office.

    multi colored area rug with leopard hide print over traditional Turkish pattern

    9. A slim laptop stand for raising your laptop closer to eye level, getting you to sit up straighter and prevent you from slouching the day away.

    10. An acrylic plant hanger that'll give your precious plants the daylight they deserve and let YOU show off your impressive cactus collection during every Zoom meeting.

    11. A computer desk with ample storage space for all the office supplies you love having around (even though you haven't had to paperclip files...in your entire career).

    12. A bouquet of handmade felt flowers you can keep out *forever* without ever having to see them wilt away. Working from home is hard enough – enjoy something beautiful nearby that won't require extra work to keep alive!

    13. A pack of adhesive cable clips so you no longer need to hunker down under your desk in an attempt to catch your cords.

    14. A bestselling handwoven rattan art piece with wrought-iron frames for upgrading your office walls with some grown-up art.

    several woven baskets in different shapes with black woven frames, all set toegether on a wall

    15. A snazzy faux book display made out of reclaimed materials. This sneaky storage space is hollowed out, leaving room for unsightly cords or messy notes to hide behind.

    16. A modern cat tree so lovely it juuust might convince your cat to nap somewhere other than on your keyboard.

    three cats playing in a cat condo. there are two rattan baskets, a fuzzy hiding space, natural log stands covered in scratch-able material, and two hanging pom pom toys

    17. A set of stackable clear drawer organizers so you can turn your junk drawer into an organized area where everything has its place.

    18. A customized embosser to celebrate having a home office (and JOB) after college. It's sure to make your place look personalized and particularly im-press-ive when you finally get to own books you won't sell back at the end of the semester.

    19. The Office LookSee Collector's Box you can decorate your desk with if you know every "that's what she said" joke that's come out of Michael Scott's mouth.

    Gift box decorated to look like scenes from The Office with products inside

    20. A customizable desk that uses dash panels to help you make the workstation of your dreams – whether you're a crisp and clean minimalist or (like myself) a massive maximalist.

    21. A gadget-filled office chair with adjustable lumbar support, a heating feature, AND MASSAGE SETTINGS. If you're bending over backwards to make your boss happy, you deserve a chair that has your back.

    22. A power cord box because that tumbleweed of cords living under your desk is becoming an unpleasant sight. This will make them less of an eyesore.

    23. A desktop photo holder and planter to display photos of all the vacations you've been able to go on thanks to your salary...which MIGHT help encourage you to keep plucking along on days when you feel sluggish.

    24. A box of rose gold binder clips, paper clips, and push pins for anyone who knows that decorative office supplies are the spice of life. Hey fellow Virgos, I see you!

    25. And finally, an LED desk lamp with five different color modes and 10 brightness levels. The tilting head and swivel is gonna let you adjust the lighting however you'd like, making it easy on your eyes in low-light work areas.

    When your boss mentions coming back into the office when you've decided WFH is the life for you: