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    31 Things To Take Your Beach Day To The Next Level

    Grab these fast before somebody else decides to ~beach~ ya to it!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A rainbow towel you'll be totally ~bummed~ to not have the next time you head to the beach.

    2. An air chair you can inflate with ease to take a far more comfortable nap than the towel-on-sand variety.

    3. A mini boombox for playing "Royals" while building sand castles.

    4. A rug towel that'll make lying on the sand seem like flying on a magic carpet.

    5. A botanical beach cover to make you look like Moana when you take photos by the line where the sky meets the sea.

    6. A Kubb set for anyone who's over volleyball but wants to ~stick~ with their game-playing friends.

    7. A pair of bottle opener sunglasses that are about to be the most useful thing you bring to the beach (and it'll seriously impress just about everyone who sees you use them).

    8. Or a pair of sleek sunglasses that are sure to make a statement in the sand.

    9. A cooling collar for days at the dog beach when your over-excited pup really needs to chill out.

    10. A cooler bag you can carry all your favorite fruits and veggies in.

    11. A waterproof eyebrow gel that'll let you swim all day without losing your look — no doubt abrowt it.

    12. A coffin pool float for anyone who would rather be dead than miss a day at the beach.

    13. A body and face sunscreen so you can stay out all day and still keep your skin safe.

    14. A visor to keep the sun out of your eyes and give you the perfect view of the ocean.

    15. An avocado floatie, because it'd be the ~pits~ to not bring this to the beach now that you know it is a real thing.

    16. A Go Girl so you can use the bathroom without having to take off your entire wet one-piece (and so you can avoid sitting on those often sketchy beach toilet seats).

    17. A fundle that'll have everything you need for some genuine summer fun.

    18. A pair of tiny sunglasses so you can look chic at the beach.

    19. A Slammo set for having a LITERAL ball on your beach day.

    20. A one piece — you'll have to tell your brain to ~zip it,~ because your heart knows you absolutely need another swimsuit.

    21. A bamboo beach mat that's easy to fold up and carry with you whenever you need something sturdier than sand to sleep on.

    22. A mermaid rashgaurd, because even mermaids need to protect their arms from the sun.

    23. And a mermaid pool float you can bust out at the ~tail~ end of your beach day for a big flippin' finale!

    24. A luxe bronzing oil for anyone who doesn't just want a tan — they want a glow.

    25. A rainbow drink float to make your beach brunch even better than a pot of gold under the rainbow.

    26. A travel shaving kit for anyone who likes to keep a clean shave to stay sleek while swimming.

    27. A tassel hat that'll prove your fashion sense is still strong, even when you're wearing almost nothing else.

    28. A goth towel sure to satisfy even the people who would much rather be at the beach at night when the sky and ocean look like their favorite color: black.

    29. A lightweight sunscreen to keep your skin sparkling (instead of peeling).

    30. A sandcastle book that'll teach you how to create impressive castles that rival Scotland.

    31. And finally, a rainbow wallet to keep just enough cash for ice cream and treats.

    It's time to get to the beach immediately.

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