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    31 Things That'll Make You Look Magical AF

    A crystal crown, taco-eating unicorn pin, mermaid leggings, and 28 other things that'll make you look wayyyyyy more magical.

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    1. A crystal and tarot card pin set that'll give you some added luck whenever you ~witch~ upon a star.

    2. A unicorn head for when you're in the mood to be just a little uni-corny.

    3. A sequin dress that's gonna make you shine like something from once upon a time.

    4. An eye, lip, and face palette to give you glitz that'll be the high~light~ of your life.

    5. A rainbow holographic tote perfect for carrying your pot (of gold, obviously).

    6. Or an actual rainbow pin that'll be just as magical as it says it will.

    7. A kit of Kylie Cosmetics glitter eyes basically made from the sneeze of a fairy.

    8. A Reptar backpack so you can magically bring some prehistoric accessories back from the dead.

    9. A cellphone case that'd be cat-astrophic to pass up on.

    10. A crystal crown sure to make any IRL fairy queen look like a real ~gem.~

    11. A pair of flats that'd even make a genie jealous.

    12. A black cat backpack you're gonna want to bippity boppity boop onto your back.

    13. A set of 12 unicorn brushes that may not give you immortal life, but still help make it look like you get the beauty sleep you never do.

    14. A crystal water bottle so you can sip from your own fountain of (trendy gemstone-loving) youth.

    15. A pair of butterfly clips that'll have you looking like every Disney princess pet-whisperer around.

    16. A rainbow LED coat for when you take lighting up a room seriously.

    17. A rose tote with a floral friend straight outta Wonderland.

    18. A pack of eight glitter bomb bottles so you can cover yourself in a magic shine from head to toe (literally).

    19. A set of eyeliner stickers that'll have you winning the makeup game so hard you should get a ~metal~.

    20. A pair of metallic strappy shoes sure to put any glass slippers to shame.

    21. A witchy keychain that'll keep your keys spell-bound together.

    22. A Hogwarts dress for any muggle who needs an outfit to really leviosa their spirits.

    23. Or a pair of Harry Potter earrings so unique people will think you made them appear by magic. Don't worry, we won't ~snitch~ on you!

    24. A magic mug that'll instantly light up your dark morning with a customized image of the one you love.

    25. A mystical lip and mermaid lip so that your true love's first kiss will have some real spark...le.

    26. And a mermaid lipstick holder because your lipstick is gonna look so good it deserves a carrying case just as lovely... it'd be ~shelfish~ not to.

    27. A snacky unicorn pin so cute I feel like we really need to taco bout it.

    28. A unicorn wallet to keep all your unicoins in.

    29. An iridescent heel for dancing the night away with your charming prince/princess/talking animal friends.

    30. A pair of mermaid leggings to tip the ~scale~ when it comes to your incredible clothing collection.

    31. And finally, a constellation bag so you can always wish upon a star.

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