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    27 Shoes Under $50 Your Feet Will Thank You For

    It's a real ~feet~ to find inexpensive shoes that are actually worth it, so we did the hard work for you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A leopard print ankle boot that's gonna be a shoe-in for your favorite fall staple.

    2. A white canvas tennis shoe sure to make you seem sporty (even when you only sport this pair with a flowing floral dress).

    3. A leopard print loafer comfortable enough for days out on the town or nights ~loafing~ around your apartment.

    4. A zip-up black boot that'll be perfect on date nights when you've got a boo who's into ~booties.~

    5. A bright red loafer for some much needed color as the skies start getting gloomy.

    6. A velvet loafer with a sophisticated, professional edge — everyone's gonna want to walk in your shoes when you start wearing these to work.

    7. A pair of lightweight sneakers that'll feel more like wearing socks than shoes.

    8. A sturdy wide-fit combat boot sure to combat any fears you may have about your shoes not lasting all winter long — these will last all the winters long.

    9. A loafer you can get in a different color for every day of the (work) week.

    10. A bubble toe boot sure to look ~spot-on~ no matter what you wear them with.

    11. A pair of cheetah sneakers you can get straight from the amazon.

    12. A blush bootie that's sure to give you all kinds of ~fuzzy~ feelings.

    13. A chunky plimsoll that's gonna be your feet's ~sole~ companion.

    14. A faux-leather ankle boot you are sure to love — no doubt aboot it!

    15. A metal sneaker that is so clearly a winner it deserves a, well, ~medal~.

    16. A glove boot that'll be as cozy as a pair of wool socks.

    17. A heeled boot just might ~heal~ your currently hurting closet.

    18. A buckled boot — you better ~buckle up,~ because this shoe is gonna take you places.

    19. An asymmetrical slip-on sure to be even better than a pair of ruby slippers.

    20. A pair of high top sneakers that'll make every outfit you own look like high fashion.

    21. Or a pair of intricate high tops so you can have a gorgeous shoe without the formality of a dress shoe, because walking in those can be a real ~tassel.~

    22. A retro mid-heel bootie for a vintage vibe you can jive with all the time.

    23. A wide-fit flat — they will ~flat out~ be your favorite office shoe ever.

    24. A Western bootie that'll give a rustic edge to your city-slicker wardrobe.

    25. A woven flat basically begging to be worn with warm woolen socks while crunching through leaves. Seriously, you won't wanna ~leaf~ the house without them.

    26. A chunky heel boot that'll be as soft as your feet after a milk-spa pedicure.

    27. And finally, a bold dad sneaker, because dads know how to rock comfortable clothing and it's time to follow in their footsteps.

    TFW you find the perfect shoe (or person, I guess).

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