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    38 Pairs Of Shoes Your Feet Won't Mind Breaking In One Bit

    It's time to break up with shoes that are hard to break in.

    1. A pair of Allbirds wool runners so soft, you're gonna feel like you just stuffed your foot in a pillow and called it a day.

    2. A flexible sandal that'll feel toe-tally comfortable right out of the box.

    3. An ankle strap ballet flat sure to make you feel like dancing.

    4. A pair of gym shoes with enough grip to keep you grounded and enough cushion to keep your feet from getting as sore as your aching muscles after a stellar workout.

    5. A pair of platforms so chic and comfortable they're gonna feel heaven-sent.

    6. A lightweight ballet flat that'll keep your outfit strappy and your feet feeling happy!

    7. An embroidered slip-on sneaker for anyone who knows their feet deserve the royal treatment.

    8. A slingback pump you're gonna be ~pumped~ about when you throw them on and realize they're all kinds of comfortable.

    9. A chunky heel Oxford for showing off your sophisticated side, even when you only bought them to replace your sneakers on those rare occasions when you need to look somewhat grown up.

    10. A pair of Vans with one million color options — breaking them in will be easy...deciding which pair to get will not.

    11. A pair of metal studded boots sure to have you feeling like a real ~stud~ when you're able to walk around all day without even a bit of a blister.

    12. A pair of clogs for fashion-forward folks who ~wood~ love a statement shoe that's actually comfortable for, you know, walking.

    13. A leopard print wedge with the perfect amount of comfort and style you've been hunting for. Now you've just gotta ~prey~ they keep them in your size in every color!

    14. A soft blue loafer that'll show your toes the luxe side of life.

    15. A sandal you can take out of the box and throw on your feet the minute a vacation is calling.

    16. A pair of retro pumps with a comfy kitten heel we are pawsitive you're gonna love.

    17. A pair of casual loafers – they're sure to be your go-to shoes, whether you wanna loaf around the house or go out and do a million things — either way, you're gonna be comfy all day.

    18. A slipper/shoe hybrid for people who understand the value of cool, convenient comfort.

    19. A pair of Chelsea rain boots made with a lightweight material so that blisters don't rain on your parade when the weather is dreary enough as it is.

    20. A pair of platform wedges that'll feel so perfect when you throw them on that we're worried you'll never take them off.

    21. A wedged, platform sneaker for people who want to feel light as a feather, even when they're on their feet all day.

    22. An ankle strap heel you can throw on the day of your wedding and keep saying "I do... love these shoes" the rest of the night/your life.

    23. A pair of watermelon Keds you're gonna wear all summer long.

    24. A pair of sling sandals that are literally made from recycled yoga mats and made to be the most comfortable sandals you've ever slipped into.

    25. A perforated slip-on that'll make you say, "~Holy~ moly these kicks are comfortable!"

    26. An over-the-knee boot so chic, your heart's gonna be soaring ~thigh~ high every time you throw them on.

    27. An open-toe bootie that won't leave you feeling de-feet-ed by your aching feet.

    28. A fashion-savvy flat for people whose dogs are always a-barkin' after a day in flats. With these, you'll forget you even have "dogs" at all.

    29. A wayfarer Chaco that'll cushion your foot so well it'll feel like they're walking on a memory foam mattress.

    30. A pair of heels so satisfying to wear they are gonna prove to be Achilles' real weakness.

    31. A pair of slip-on mesh sneakers sure to keep you from sweating it when you need a strong sneaker on your toasty summer backpacking trip.

    32. A pair of strappy sandals for anyone with a pedicure that's begging to be shown off and no patience to wait on breaking in shoes first.

    33. A floral low top sneaker — all your ~buds~ will be jealous when they find out these took zero break-in time.

    34. A royal blue flat that's gonna look on point, without the pain.

    35. A pair of huarache sandals with a surprisingly soft leather, so you can sport a gorgeous and high quality shoe without sacrificing your feet first.

    36. A pair of lace up sneakers for anyone with a job where there's barely any time for a mid-day break, and absolutely no time to wait on a new pair of shoes to break in.

    37. A pair of fancy flip flops that'll be anything but a flop when you throw them on and instantly feel like they were made for your feet.

    38. And a pair of gold skylark flats so shiny and soft your toes will be golden for good.

    When you take your new shoes off and realize there isn't a blister in site.

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