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    26 Kitchen Products You'll Actually Use, I Promise

    A mini skillet, can strainer, microwave pasta cooker, and 23 other somewhat random kitchen tools you'll actually put to good use — promise!

    1. A tea pot for anyone who really puts the kettle to the metal and starts heating up drinks the minute it starts to feel chilly out.

    2. A mini skillet so you can make a single-serving dish without having to clean out a massive pan.

    3. A three-in-one Ninja kitchen set that'll blend and process just about every treat you can think of (looking at you, cookie dough).

    4. A toaster for anyone who doesn't have enough ~bread~ to feed their over-priced avocado toast needs and would rather save money by making it at home.

    5. A surprisingly appealing dish scrubber you can use to make your dishes fresh as a daisy.

    6. A handle cover so that the only thing you might possibly risk burning is your food.

    7. A blooming teapot — a great idea for anyone who is trying to get their interest in fancy teas to ~blossom~.

    8. A three-pack of dishwasher-safe grill mats that are easy to clean and easy to cook with, so your parents can stop ~grilling~ you on how your cooking goals are going.

    9. A ceramic coated wok — you won't have to ~wok~ hard to make delicious meals in a piece this perfect.

    10. A microwave pasta maker that'll let you prepare, serve, and store a meal all in one container, saving tiny kitchens from unnecessary clutter.

    11. A set of stunning ceramic plates to make even the simplest dinners look fabulously fancy.

    12. An odor control trash can to keep your kitchen smelling so clean you might forget you have trash in the first place.

    13. A compact food chopper to manually chop just enough food for a serving of pesto, salsa, etc. Or take it on-the-go to make fresh and tasty treats at work.

    14. A super useful Loch Ness ladel that can stand on its own inside your soup pot, keeping things from getting ~Nessie~ on your kitchen counter.

    15. A patterned cutting board that'll make you ~marble~ at how beautiful your prepped food looks.

    16. A can strainer, so you don't spill the beans (literally) when cooking up some surprise nachos for your pal.

    17. A six-piece knife set that's gonna ~steal~ your heart when you see how well they work. Honestly, getting these is a seriously ~sharp~ idea.

    18. Or a set of galaxy knives for anyone who makes meals that are out of this world.

    19. An Instant pot you can basically replace your entire kitchen with.

    20. A set of five foldable trivets to keep your counters safe from hot pots and pans without taking up any counter space.

    21. An iced tea tumbler that'll make a great gift for your sweet-tea... or yourself.

    22. A refrigerator odor eliminator so you can finally ~chill out~ when it comes to keeping your fridge smelling fresh.

    23. And a steaming microwave cleaner, because cleaning out a microwave is so gross you've almost considered no longer buying Hot Pockets. Almost.

    24. A heat proof pastry brush — don't you dare brush off the compliments you're gonna get on your perfectly seasoned meats and treats when you start using this thing.

    25. A sous vide precision cooker so you can have a perfectly cooked... anything... any time! No, really.

    26. And an honest oven mitt that'll perfectly describe the food you make with all your new kitchen tools.

    Once you have more than a spoon in your kitchen you can start using these tools to add some variety to your cereal-and-ice cream lifestyle.

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