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    31 Products That'll Help You Do Things So Much Better Next Time

    Because a good job is a job you only have to do once (at least from now on).

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A framing tool that'll measure, level, and mark while you hang frames, so your art will now look picture perfect.

    Promising review: "I'm glad I waited to review this, because at first I really didn't think I was impressed (it seemed a bit on the cheap side). But after using it on a project where I was installing hanging bracelets on a plank of wood, as well as hanging that same piece above a door in a main room, I couldn't be happier with this purchase. It made every part of the hanging process so easy! All the functions of the hanging device worked flawlessly and smoothly, and I will never hang anything without using this again. I will definitely be recommending this to friends and family — great product!" —rcr

    Get it from Amazon for $17.95.

    2. A tub of odor eliminating crystals you can cover your kitty litter with to neutralize odors and get you out of those previous ~crappy~ situation.

    Promising review: "This stuff is seriously amazing! I have three high-yield poop machines masquerading as cats, and it’s a never ending mission to make sure the house doesn’t smell like a litter box. I try really hard to ensure the house is clean and smells good without using harsh chemicals. Within the first day of using this I noticed that the slight lingering ammonia/poop smell wasn’t noticeable when walking into the house anymore. After a few days I realized that I couldn’t smell anything, even as I was scooping the three litter boxes. There wasn’t a fake perfume smell covering up the smell, there literally wasn’t a smell at all! The product smells very fresh and clean in the container but there’s no odor when applied into the litter. I’m very happy with this amazing stuff and I recommend it to anybody with cats who doesn’t want to use potentially harmful sprays or perfumes. I’m a very satisfied customer!" —Tori

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    3. A gel wart remover sure to finally rid your big toe of its little friend.,

    Promising review: "I NEVER write reviews, but this stuff is a miracle so I had to. Stop debating about what wart removal product you want to buy and get this NOW. I have tried everything, including having my warts frozen off at the doctor's, and nothing did the trick. This stuff did. My warts were extremely large and stubborn, but I was persistent with the gel everyday for about six weeks and they're almost gone. This is absolutely amazing." —Maria Efting

    Get it from Amazon for $13.92.

    4. A diaper wipe warmer that'll soothe your baby and keep them sleepy and dreamy during nighttime diaper changes — letting you actually get some shut eye.

    Promising review: "I love this thing. I’m SO glad I got it. My child is two months old and we’ve been using it since we got home and there’s been zero mold, it’s super easy to fill, holds a whole pack of wipes, has a nice long cord, a little light, and locks on the sides of the bottom lid to keep it down when pulling out wipes. Now, when I use cold wipes in the daytime, they bother my hands because I’m used to the warm wipes, so I can’t imagine how nice it is for my little one to have them warmed up. It heats up only on the top of the lockable portion of the warmer. Not too hot, not too cold and no little hands can get into it as long as it’s locked. The only issue (which isn’t huge) that I’ve run into is that when the wipes get low, the inside gets pretty hot. This is fixed as soon as it’s filled again. I was so indecisive on this issue and I’m so glad I decided to splurge." —BR

    Get it from Amazon for $24.49.

    5. A magnetic screen to keep bugs out while still letting everyone (including pets and kiddos) in.

    No more watching Sparky try to break her way through the sliding screen door.

    Promising review: "This works well and our cat enjoys coming in and out of it. I had the whole thing up in about five minutes. Remember to mount the middle (where the doors meet) slightly higher than the corners (an inch or two) and the magnets will close just fine." —Chase

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    6. A makeup setting spray that'll be your go-to on Friday nights when you know your makeup needs to last until Saturday afternoon.

    Promising review: "This product is just fantastic, it's a daily essential. My skin is very oily and this is by far is the best product to tame it. I recommend this for anyone with oily skin. If you want your makeup to last all day, this is a must have!" —likeapheonix

    Get it from Sephora for $32, from Ulta for $32, or get a different version from Amazon for $7.97.

    7. A lovely and inconspicuous vibe necklace perfect for vacations (and vaginas).

    Because getting your other dildo through TSA would be worse than getting the middle seat on a 12 hour flight.

    Promising review: "This amazing little toy is not only beautiful, it works. Like seriously. It's powerful. And OMG, it gets warm as it works. I've dropped some money on toys, and none of them are as good as this one. Brilliant." —RB

    Get it from Amazon for $79 (available in two colors).

    8. A smooth stovetop cleaner so you can wipe away the remains of any meal and stop scratching the surface of your stove.,

    This kit includes a bottle of cooktop cleaner, two cleaning pads, a grip pad tool, and scraper.

    Promising review: "Oh my god where do I start? This stuff is MAGICAL. We had crusted on rings around our stovetop burners that I couldn't even scratch away at all. Now I can see my reflection in the stovetop! This stuff is incredible." —Katie Gobrowski

    Get the kit from Amazon for $10.99.

    9. An air mattress with a headboard, for being ahead of the game when it comes to your guest's comfort.

    Because your father isn't visiting again unless he can sleep on something other than your love seat.

    Promising review: "This is probably the BEST air mattress I have ever purchased!! I love the built in head board. It helps your pillows stay on, unlike other air beds. It kept the air all night and is actually pretty comfy." —roxcs31

    Get it from Amazon for $69.79.

    10. A travel wallet to keep everything you need in one place while you travel all over the place.

    Get it from Anthropologie for $14.99 (available in 40 colors).

    11. A candle wick trimmer for a small and simple tool that'll make a big difference when you want a little light.

    Promising review: "I didn't much see the point of a wick trimmer until I was rearranging my furniture and saw that my white walls were covered in soot from candle smoke. Now I use this before every burning, and it has helped with the smoke situation considerably. It's inexpensive, but feels nice and high quality. The little reservoir holds the wicks nicely if you're trimming a multi-wick candle, so you can snip them all without them falling out." —Sarah

    Get it from Amazon for $8.95.

    12. A food chopper to cut prep time in half (and cut onions into dozens).

    Promising review: "This is useful in so many ways! I have used it to cube chicken, dice tomatoes, onions, zucchini, summer squash... really just about anything! The cutting surface is generously sized and the two cutting blade sizes are perfect for almost everything you could want to cut! The blades are super sharp and they include a brush to assist with cleaning them. This is well made and sturdy, the plastic handle is strong enough to push a raw potato through the blades, and the blades are sharp enough to cut a tomato without squishing it. I really don't know how I survived without this for 35 years of my life! It is worth every penny!" —Maggie0981

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99.

    13. A storage bean bag chair for kids whose idea of cleaning is shoving things under the bed or in the closet — now they can shove things into a chair instead, keeping your home clean using your kids' favorite way to clean up.

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99+ (available in five colors and two sizes).

    14. A pack of bath bombs that'll make your next bath your best bath.

    Get a pack of 10 from Amazon for $22.75.

    15. A set of lifting straps sure to make you feel even stronger about how great your stuff looks in your new apartment.

    Promising review: "These make moving furniture and building supplies a breeze for nearly anyone. We got some when my wife and I needed to move a lot of furniture and supplies during our re-model. We easily moved bedroom furniture, couches, desks, curio cabinets, you name it! As well as all the lumber, drywall, cabinets, appliances, counter-tops, etc. without injuring our backs or feeling like we'd just picked-up the whole house!" —Sam

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95 (available in 13 colors).

    16. A waterproof and scratchproof smart backpack so that your stuff stays as safe as if it were in a safe.

    Promising review: "I purchased this backpack as an easy and protective way to transport my laptop. I especially like that it's waterproof in case I get caught in a deluge. We travel quite a bit on our motorcycles so easy transport is important. The laptop fits perfectly in the padded rear pocket, close to the body, which is good for weight distribution. I also love all of the pockets — there are four exterior zippered compartments. There is the ability to lock it with a TSA lock for air travel. I can pack away my laptop and my tablet, my phone, and any other peripheral and personal items. I'm sure one could pack a day's worth of clothes in it! It's very classy looking. The lining fabric is not wimpy, it feels like it will hold up nicely. I would highly recommend this backpack for anyone, students and professionals alike." —ali

    Get it from Amazon for $30.99+ (available in six colors).

    17. A spiralizer to help you make veggie noodles and occasionally curb your pasta cravings.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this product!! It's easy to operate and easy to clean. I really like the vertical handle. The blades are built in, requiring no additional storage space. The suction ring on bottom is very good at keeping it in place on the counter. The blades contain four sizes: very thin, spaghetti, linguine, and lasagne. I would buy this again in a heartbeat." —Vicky L.

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99.

    18. A heat protectant that'll give your hair the protection and nourishment it needs instead of frying it when you use your dryer.

    Promising review: "This is the best protectant I've ever tried. It makes hair soft and velvety without weighing it down or feeling filmy. It also controls frizz." —Marcorac

    Get it from Sephora for $24.

    19. A tube of quick dissolve sugar for anyone who can no longer wait for their coffee to actually be sweet in the mornings.,

    Promising review: "I love this for coffee. It melts a lot faster then regular sugar and makes the drink better." —Esther Myers

    Get a three pack from Amazon for $13.99.

    20. A nail polish holder to make painting your nails so easy, you won't know how you were managing before.

    Promising review: "Love this little gizmo. I've used many inventions to hold my nail polish close and steady when I do my nails, but this is the best. It clamps snugly and comfortably onto the fingers and holds any shape bottle you fit into it (you can lift the petals to hold odd shapes). I plan to give these out as gifts too." —J. Huggins

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in 11 colors).

    21. A pack of four scrub gloves that'll exfoliate your skin while evenly distributing soap — getting you all kinds of clean from now on.

    Promising review: "Unlike a hand brush, which is difficult for me to hold to even with a strap around my hand, these gloves stay put! What I really like about these gloves is my ability to control the pressure. I can use a light touch for the gentle areas of my skin or a heavier touch for the less sensitive areas. The multiple gloves in one package allow me to change out for the different body parts. I can also include a pair in my guest bath. I think these are great!" —Ms Anon

    Get them from Amazon for $12.99.

    22. A round brush to cut your blow dry time almost in half when used properly, giving you enough time to make that breakfast you're always talking about eating.

    Get the small brush for $80 and the medium brush for $85, both from Nordstrom, or get the large brush from Neiman Marcus for $90 or get a cheaper version from Amazon for $16.50.

    23. A refreshing mint oil — it might be just the thing to help you relax and cool off when you're heated over how hot it is.

    Promising review: "My stylist used this product on me when I went in for my haircut. I really liked the smell, so I bought the rollerball. Later that night, a migraine attack was beginning, and I decided that the scent may help me. I rolled it behind my ears and down the sides of my neck... and my migraine started to fade! I did that again when the migraine tried to intensify, and it faded away again. I did not expect that at all; it was a wonderful surprise! I'm now a loyal customer." —Aveda Customer

    Get it from Aveda for $22 or get a similar kind from Amazon for $11.99.

    24. A tub of Tide Pods that are so much easier to carry around and throw in the wash than standard detergent. Now you don't have to make a big mess when cleaning your clothes.

    Promising review: "I like the clean ocean mist scent, but I love the way these pods get my laundry clean and fresh. They are super easy to use. Having teenagers in the house that do their own laundry, the pods make it so I don't ever have to worry about my kids putting in too much or too little detergent. When we travel I always take a few pods with me in case we have to do laundry. They are so much easier to pack than any other detergent. Just a winning product all around." —SBCincinnati

    Get a pack of 72 from Amazon for $17.95.

    25. An electric egg cooker to give you perfectly cooked eggs every time, keeping you from ~cracking~ under the pressure when cooking brunch.

    Promising review: "If hard-boiled eggs are at all a part of your life, this device will change everything. You can reclaim lost hours, catch up on missed TV, reconnect with old friends and family — anything is possible with the free time you'll find at your disposal as you drop six eggs into this beast, press a button, and then walk away. What will you do? High-intensity exercise? Model building? Learn a second language? I hear your concern. 'What if I become so engrossed in my newfound love of taxonomy that I forget about my eggs?' Fear not, efficient chef. Like the trump of Gabriel himself, the unmistakable tone of this technological marvel could rouse the dead and will bring you running to your fresh-and-ready ova's side. The Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker is what mankind has been working towards since the first roundish stone was shaped into a wheel. Witness the apex of human innovation!" —J. Mercer Crenshaw

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in five colors).

    26. Or if you don't have room for a new appliance, these silicone egg cookers are sure to make poaching (and even hard-boiling) eggs a breeze.

    Honestly, I have these and I now also have eggs. All the time.

    Promising review: "These are terrific! The eggs slide out nice and neat. I've also used them to bake egg cups in. They are way better than using silicone muffin molds. They slide out perfectly, leaving behind little, easy-to-clean residue. These have also worked perfectly without oil." —Dr. Boss

    Get them from Amazon for $9.95.

    27. A soothing nighttime makeup remover, with a formula to help you relax and sleep well, taking your beauty routine (and beauty sleep) to the next level.

    Get it from Free People for $30 or get a similar version from Amazon for $26.60.

    28. A drill brush kit that'll finally clean the nasty grout in the place where you try to keep yourself clean.,

    This kit includes three nylon power brushes.

    Promising review: "I let my tub get extra dirty on purpose because I knew this brush set was coming. In five minutes my tub was sparkling clean. This item is no joke. The flat brushes are awesome for big surfaces and the cone brush hits the hard to reach corners. I liked them so much I bought a set for my Mom." —Jason B.

    Get it from Amazon for $11.95 (available in three colors).

    29. A body wash for properly cleaning the most sensitive ~parts~ of your body.

    This product is also available for sensitive skin.

    Get it from Free People for $10 or get a similar wash from Amazon for $8.46.

    30. A water wand to make washing your dog way less of a mess.,

    Promising review: "This is what you've been looking for. I've waited over 20 years for this and have used everything from custom heads to kitchen wash heads. The water flow from this even at low pressure is excellent, the adjustments on the handle work well throughout, and this WILL get right through a thick undercoat." —Animal Doctor

    Get it from Amazon for $36.99.

    31. And finally, an Amazon Echo, because it can do almost everything in your home (and do it so much better than before).

    The Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, read the news, set music alarms, and read audiobooks from Audible (like, literally I have told her to tell me a bedtime story and she does a way better job of it than my spouse — and with far less complaining). The Echo Dot can also control Amazon Video on Fire TV, give random facts throughout the day, tell you the weather (which I use literally every morning instead of just opening my curtains and letting in some light), and can help you with grocery lists, recipes, and set timers... I'm still just trying to figure out what my Echo Dot CAN'T do.

    Promising review: "I love this incredible little helper! It was super easy to set up and I was playing music in my stereo within 15 minutes. I have two, and I set up a group so the music can play on both dots at the same time. They respond quickly to voice commands and it's rather fun to check out what they can do. The funniest thing is to ask Alexa to tell me a vegetable joke! And the most useful for me is being able to tell Alexa to add things to my shopping list, which is sent to my phone, and not having to write things down. You can even set reminders so you don't forget things, timers so you don't burn dinner, and alarms that wake you. I'm going to explore and see what all this little device can do!" —CactusMama

    Get it from Amazon for $49.99.

    Time to celebrate a job well done.


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