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    36 Products That Can Totally Upgrade A Room All On Their Own

    We're talking disco balls, crocodile wallpaper, LED chandeliers, and so much more.

    1. A disco ball to bounce light all around your room when you're deep into Folklore and need a "Mirrorball" IRL.

    2. A Capri Blue Volcano candle, Anthropologie's signature scent, because a smell this fancy is likely the #1 way you can make your place seem extra nice without changing one dang piece of furniture.

    Large candle in matte black pot

    3. A gray and black crocodile peel-and-stick wallpaper for giving a wall or old piece of furniture some texture and depth. This is no croc — this material is *made* for sprucing up your rental's plain white walls.

    4. An ice cream clock that'll be the sweet centerpiece to your living room if you get it lick-edy split!

    5. A pair of outlet lights so you can have your rooms shine even at nighttime, without bulky night lights taking up space. This simple addition really can make your place seem twice as nice!

    6. A botanical shower curtain that'll turn your blah bathroom into a tropical paradise every time your shower gets the humidity going.

    Green and white shower curtain with several leaves

    7. A woven pendant lamp – it's gonna be a huge upgrade from the boob dome light you've got on your ceiling right now. This unique design is gonna add texture, warmth, and some trend-forward fun to any room in your house.

    Two exposed bulbs hanging from a ceiling covered by basket-like woven shades

    8. A set of three tarot tapestries (in a blessedly '70s color palette) you can add to your walls if the move you were hoping to make last year isn't happening. Redecorating can totally change up your place, and these snazzy tapestries might be all you need!

    9. A mushroom stool for putting a charming statement piece in your room if you're a mystical maximalist at heart but your tiny place doesn't have ~mushroom~ for the fairy garden you've got your eyes on.

    Red cap mushroom foot stool

    10. A crystal coffee table — a statement piece that'll delight Disney fans who want decor that's shinning, shimmering, and splendid. Or for, you know, everyone else.

    11. A pack of absurdly pretty toilet paper to proudly display on your shelves as a *cheeky* addition to typically bland bathroom decor. Eye-catching toilet paper? That's new.

    Several stacked toilet paper rolls wrapped in different bold patterns of tissue paper

    12. A crystal sun catcher – it's gonna make your room the rainbow unicorn paradise that 7-year-old you always said you'd have when you grew up. It's gonna change the look of your entire room without taking up an inch of floor space. That's magic.

    13. A spindle bench that'll bring a touch of traditional woodwork to your home and be a calm, quiet complement to your enthusiastically maximalist living room.

    Minimalist bench with five legs and low top in natural wood

    14. A storage bean bag designed to get kids to "clean" the way they want to, by shoving things somewhere it can't be seen. Here's the thing, your kid may actually tidy up when it means they get a beanbag chair out of it. Meaning YOU may actually see the floor of your kid's room for the first time in forever.

    15. A massive headboard fan you're gonna fall in love with, because it's gonna be a piece of cake to move around *and* it's gonna cover basically your entire wall. This is truly all you're gonna need to make your bedroom look straight out of a magazine.

    Large beige fan on wall above queen sized bed

    16. A chair hammock that's a *real* aesthetic I'm pretty sure your wanna-be-boho living room has been begging for.

    17. A bidet, because your toilet is living in the dark ages without this squeaky clean attachment!

    18. A reading nook bookcase that'll save floor space and give your kiddo's room a totally personalized touch. A bookshelf reading nook? Get me a grown-up size!

    19. A steel log hoop to add a rustic touch to your living room and make your home feel very cozy. Incredibly cozy. You ~wood~ not believe how cozy.

    20. A set of photo clip string lights so you can have an entire statement wall full of all the date nights with your boo that have left you feeling starry-eyed. Or to display pictures of your favorite Instagram-worthy meals, which is probably more important.

    String lights with film photos clipped to the string on bedroom wall

    21. A polished chrome shower head with a powerful massage setting is sure to make your not-so-impressive bathroom feel like a day at the spa. Oh, did I mention it has LEDs? This thing has LEDs.

    22. A tree bookshelf — an eye-catching take on traditional shelves that'll really ~spruce~ up your room.

    Vertical shelf with several pockets for books set on an angle

    23. A rather clever bamboo wall clock with useful shelf space, warm, open coloring, and a wordy clock face that's gonna tell it how it is.

    Long clock with time spelled out. There is room to use the top as a shallow shelf.

    24. A wall mounted cat capsule — you might as well sell your TV, because once this is in your home your liquified kitto is the only thing anyone will be watching when they come to your place.

    25. A mixed material coffee table for minimalists who are looking for some subtle mixed materials. Furniture doesn't have to be tie-dye to catch the eye!

    Rectangular coffee table with squared metal frame legs

    26. A beehive and bumblebee pillow — you won't bee-lieve how much a themed pillow set can change up a room. But honey, these pillows have what it takes!

    27. A giant faux agave plant – it's gonna be a great way to fill up the awkward space in your open floor plan apartment. This is gonna break up spaces while keeping your place looking un-cluttered and chic.

    Large agave plant in living room displayed in cube planter

    28. A peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll brighten up your home with its marvelous, Mediterranean tile touch.

    Blue Mexican tile stickers on wall

    29. A fresco tassel rug, because your linoleum floors won't be offended if you cover them up with something this spiffy. And then *you* won't have to look at that faded flooring any more.

    Runner with tassels and multi-colored pattern

    30. A pair of butterfly curtains, an eclectic way to bring some life into your living room.

    31. Or some abstract curtains that'll give your room a bold, modern touch you probably haven't seen before. Go ahead, be the trend setter we all need. I'll follow your lead!

    Floor length curtains in abstract geometric pattern

    32. A statement arm chair — a simple metal frame supporting a suuuper plush green velvet cushioned seat. You might end up breaking up with your memory foam mattress and sleeping on this cushy seat instead!

    Geometric arm chair with plush velvet cushions and a thin metal frame

    33. An LED chandelier that'll add a strikingly modern ~twist~ to any room in your home. I want this. So bad.

    Twisty LED light hanging from ceiling with gold details

    34. A foxy rug so you can decorate the nursery with decor as wild as your little cub is.