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    43 Pieces Of Clothing That'll Update Your Closet For Under $30

    Because you don't have to spend a million dollars to look like a million bucks.

    1. A chunky sweater in a deep red color that was (hand)maid for you.

    2. An open-back turtleneck that'll be a stunning statement piece you're gonna go ~back~ to again and again.

    3. A mesh top that'll have you looking like ~sheer~ perfection whenever you wear it.

    4. A V-neck dress so comfortable you can basically feel like you're wearing pajamas all day.

    5. A houndstooth mini skirt you're sure to have a doggone good time in.

    6. A pair of trousers for anyone who knows how to work it at the office.

    7. A baby rib tee so comfortable it's gonna be your ~top~ choice whenever you wanna wear something comfy and cute.

    8. A floral dress you can dress up or dress down for a day at a church or a night on the town.

    9. A pair of pleated pants sure to show who wears the (best) pants in your family.

    10. A billowy dress that'll have their heart all aflutter every time you twirl (and believe us, this dress will make you feel like dancing).

    11. A jumpsuit you're gonna jump in anytime and anywhere (wear it by itself in the summer or over some tights with a sweater when the seasons are chilly).

    12. A colorblock jacket that'll make outerwear your new favorite thing to wear.

    13. A tie waist dress you'll be tied at the hip to from the moment you try it on — literally.

    14. A graphic tee everyone is gonna go bananas over.

    15. A color block shawl you can throw over any outfit when you wish you could stay snug in your duvet all day.

    16. A jumpsuit for any powerhouse who knows how to add some color to a dreary day.

    17. A cashmere blend pullover that'll soften the blow of brisk wintery weather.

    18. A relaxed maxi you can wear on busy days when you just need one quick piece to keep you covered.

    19. A wrap top that'll make you say, "That's a wrap" on your perfect wardrobe choices.

    20. A long-sleeved shirt dress you can style basically any way you want... giving you unlimited outfits from one piece of clothing.

    21. A striped sweater for anyone who doesn't believe in drawing a line when it comes to fantastic staple pieces.

    22. A retro dress that'll satisfy the style of anyone who knows they were born in the wrong decade.

    23. A textured sweater for any knit-picky people who know the perfect sweater when they see it.

    24. A maxi dress that'll look so chic you'll wonder why you ever wear anything else at all.

    25. A sweatshirt for anyone who loves when their casual attire still looks a little extra(terrestrial).

    26. A pair of wide leg pants for throwing on whenever you need a little more flower power in your life.

    27. A floor length dress that'll be drop dead gorgeous.

    28. A detailed tank sure to be an elegant addition to any professional's wardrobe.

    29. A knit mini that'll be equal parts cute and cozy... and incredibly fun to wear.

    30. A pair of overalls you are never gonna get over.

    31. A fishermen sweater sure to be worth your ~net~ income... even though it won't cost much at all.

    32. A pair of striped pants that'll have you looking like you're in pepper-mint condition whenever you wear them.

    33. A scoop neck top you're gonna wanna scoop up before they're gone!

    34. A pair of corduroy skinny jeans so you can live in your '90s baby fashion forever.

    35. A swing dress for any fashion-savvy folks who know how to rock a retro dress.

    36. A T-shirt you're gonna have to ~ski~ to believe.

    37. A stretchy dress that'll look prim and proper without any effort at all.

    38. A pair of satin pants for anyone who prefers living life on the bright side.

    39. A silk crop that'll smoothly transition from day to night.

    40. A T-shirt that's gonna make you forget about saying yes to the dress. It's all about yas to the.... graphic tee.

    41. A pair of sweatpants for anyone who knows that upgrading a wardrobe only counts if there's still something comfortable to jump into from time to time.

    42. A jumper so dang darling, you're sure to smile every time you put it on.

    43. And finally, a humorous hoodie for anyone who loves a good cat and a good coffee. Just be prepared to say "Cappucci-no, you can't borrow it." because everyone is gonna ask.

    When people bring up how impressive your wardrobe is.

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