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    31 Kitchen Tools And Gadgets That People Actually Swear By

    A tofu press, olive oil infuser, tortilla maker, and 28 other kitchen products that reviewers really love.

    1. A genius tofu press so you can efficiently drain tofu to get the perfect texture and taste, mess not included.

    Tofu being pressed inside plastic container

    2. A mini KitchenAid stand mixer — if you're worried your shoebox-sized apartment won't fit a mixer worthy of your big baking dreams, think again. You're gonna be pleasantly surprised by this little guy!

    Small stand mixer around vegetables and baked goods

    3. A microplane because when it comes down to it, zesting your lemons with a box grater just won't cut it.

    4. A roll-up drying rack made with metal grates covered in soft silicone that'll prevent scratches and take up no space to store.

    Roll down dish rack drying cups over the sink

    5. An olive oil herb infuser you can use when you want a meal with a little more oomph. Plus, the bottle has measurements, so you can skip dirtying up your tablespoons.

    Glass olive oil bottle with rosemary inside base and measurement markers by the pouring cap

    6. A collapsible popcorn popper for movie-enthusiasts who love popcorn, but would also love an alternative to the microwave bags they've been using since childhood.

    Popped popcorn coming out of the microwave inside covered silicone bowl

    7. A compact air fryer because if roaming around on TikTok has taught you anything, it's that air fryers are gonna be the new ovens. Ovens are out, people. Sooo old school.

    Air fryer with cooked sweet potato fries inside

    8. An adjustable rolling pin that hits the exact width you need your baked goods rolled out at. This thing works so well it'd be worth spending some serious ~dough~ on. Fortunately, the thrifty price is just as sweet as the things you'll end up making with it.

    9. A laser engraved rolling pin to impress everyone with some pleasing patterns on your pastries.

    Square butter cookies with intricate vintage patterns made from the rolling pin beside them

    10. A partyclette so you can prove you're way past the microwave stage of cheese melting.

    Cheese cooking on the partyclette at a dinner table

    11. A pack of colorful reusable baking cups for home chefs who want waste-free treats that still look good enough to gobble up.

    Person peeling back silicone cup on cooked cupcake

    12. A microwave pasta maker that'll let you prepare, serve, and store a meal all in one container, saving tiny kitchens from unnecessary clutter.

    13. A smoking cloche — a suuuper snazzy way to infuse unique flavors into food and drinks. Your cooking skills are about to become ~smokin'~ hot.

    Mixed drink inside glass dome filled with seasoning smoke

    14. A set of galaxy knives for anyone who makes meals that are out of this world.

    Kitchen knives of varying styles and sizes, all with galaxy prints on the blades

    15. Or a seven-piece knife set, each made with matrix powder steel and a fused design (the handle and blade are one solid piece). The first time you cook with these you're gonna know splurge-worthy knives are truly a ~cut~ above the rest.

    16. A rotary peeler with the choice of three different blade types, for perfectly peeling all your favorite fruits and vegetables – helping you ~produce~ finished prep work in a fraction of the time.

    Safety peeler with short, thick handle surrounded by peeled carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes

    17. A refrigerator odor eliminator so you can finally ~chill out~ and stop worrying about your fridge smelling like the bottom of a trash bin.

    Cartoonish case that looks like a very cold person inside the fridge. It is covering baking soda inside.

    18. A heat proof pastry brush that'll help you brush up on your basting skills like a master chef.

    Silicone brush covering cooking chicken in sauce

    19. A dishwasher safe garlic peeler — simply toss your garlic in, press down, and roll to get perfectly peeled garlic in seconds. This is gentle enough to keep your freshly peeled garlic cloves intact while the grip from the material will keep the peelings inside as your cloves pop out, making meal prep simple.

    20. And a garlic twist for getting a perfect mince in a matter of seconds.

    Someone holding the clear gadget with garlic inside

    21. A tortilla press kit made in Mexico out of old Singer sewing machines...seriously. You'll be hard pressed to find another tortilla maker this high quality *and* lovely. Go ahead, leave this useful piece of decor out on the counter.

    Bright red tortilla maker with balls of dough beside flat, finished pieces

    22. A flexible spoon with a one-tablespoon measure that can stir, flip, and add the perfect amount of oil every time you sauté.

    Person sautéing vegetables and pouring oil over the veggies with the measuring spatula

    23. An Always Pan designed with a slippery nonstick surface, a vented top, a steaming basket, and a wooden spoon that hooks onto the handle, for folks who want a pan that truly does it all.

    Pan with lid off and cooked meal inside

    24. A digital food thermometer to get an instant temperature read, keeping you from being intimidated when cooking a turkey.

    Roasted chicken with meat thermometer inside

    25. A pack of seven dishwasher-safe stretch lids that'll stretch to fit fruits, blenders, and lonely plastic containers — no more digging through drawers of mismatched lids or covering things up with flimsy plastic wrap!

    A bowl of of sliced fruit, half a pineapple, and watermelon all covered with the adjustable silicone covers

    26. A spaghetti strainer for when you have a ~monstrous~ appetite and need some carb-filled fun.

    Classic colander with four small legs and two handles with an eyeball on either side

    27. A compost bin designed to fit comfortably on your counter so you can keep your compost going even if your apartment is five floors from the garden level.

    28. A pack of three floral wine stoppers for people who can't finish a bottle to save their life but want to save that bottle for as long as possible.

    Person tipping wine bottle with floral stopper on top

    29. A marble mortar and pestle that'll make cooking'll be ~grinding~ all the time once you have this in your life!

    Dark marble mortar and pestle with salt inside

    30. A cold-brew maker – it's gonna delight coffee snobs who feel like they've ~bean~ looking for the perfect cold brew maker forever.

    Cold brew maker beside iced coffee and fresh beans

    31. And a pair of multipurpose kitchen scissors sure to make prep-work easier than ever before. This thing has some serious ~herb~ appeal.

    Dark colored kitchen shears

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