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28 Fitness Products That Feel Like They're From The Future

These products are the future of fitness. Fortunately, you can have them now.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A P.volve subscription for folks who would prefer working out with some...screen time. The classes available make it possible to create a personalized workout routine WHILE staring at that beloved glowing box.

Computer and phone showing the p.volve app

2. A galaxy yoga mat so you can get so zen you may truly ~space out~ and find yourself seeing stars.

3. A workout bow that takes a classic bow and arrow design and turns it on its head! Go ahead, let your Katniss Everdeen out while you work out. With a tool this cool, the odds are ever in your favor.

4. A sports bra with a design that proves athletic clothing is *finally* being designed for the 21st century. Don't worry, this bra knows your phone is coming with you. It's gonna have your back.

Back view of the sports bra in navy with a model reaching for their phone that fits in a pocket in the back middle

5. A Tidal Tank that'll have everyone at the gym asking "~Water~ you working out with?!"

6. A power ring you can literally keep on the floor of your living room, because it's so good looking like it doubles as decor. If this is what the future of fitness products looks like, I would like to sign myself up.

7. A splurge-worthy rowing machine with a screen so easy to zone into you're gonna think you're really row, row, rowing your boat gently across a stream.

Model on the rowing machine

8. A bold bodysuit I'm pretty sure was pulled straight off a fashion-forward UFO. This is specifically for folks who want to stay ahead of fashion trends in and out of the gym.

9. A *wild* portable cable Smart Home Gym that weighs nothing but has a mighty workout up its sleeves. You'll be able to carry an entire gym in your bag. That's some science magic right there.

10. A Ubarre weight I am certain U are gonna love! Having fitness products that look good enough to keep out (and thus, not find a place to store) is gonna be a huge weight off your shoulders.

11. A medicine ball for guaranteeing you have a ~ball~ during your daily workouts. This is designed with dimples for an easy grip, making it the perfect multi-use weight if you're looking for one tool to use in several ways.

Two people sitting on the floor throwing a medicine ball to each other

12. A pair of weighted bangles that'll look like the newest statement accessory, while giving your limbs a solid workout.

13. A Mirror, a personalized at-home gym (complete with lessons and real-time training sessions), for fitness-focused folks who know that the home (gym) is where the heart is.

Person working out in front of the mirror

14. A padded prop wheel that'll be a ~wheely~ fun way to laugh in the face of gravity.

15. A pair of breathable customized Nikes for fast-paced workouts, including virtual HIIT and boot camp classes. This *stunner* has lightweight mesh, a durable design, and superior grip. Gimme.

Nike Metacon 6 training shoe with white, blue, pink, yellow, and green detailing

16. A Series 6 Apple Watch jam-packed with new upgrades that can further help you track the progress you make with your fitness goals. This watch can literally track your blood oxygen level. How is this real life?!

17. Or a health tracking ring designed with infrared LED sensors, an NTC body temperature sensor, a 3D accelerometer, and a gyroscope – these'll track your heart rate, HRV, body temperature, and calories burned.

Ring on top of a cell phone showing the stats it has saved from the day on the connected app

18. A pair of mod dumbbells for anyone who finds that working with blah equipment is a hard pill to swallow.

19. A pair of core twisters sure to be a savvy upgrade from slipping around the floor in your socks.

Person standing on the spinning foot pads while watching a workout class on tv

20. A Chopper so you can live your lumberjack dream with a modern tool you can use to chop 'til you drop!

21. A bodysuit with a bold design, because it's totally gonna be worth investing in a cool wardrobe for your fit future.

Model wearing the full-length bodysuit with spaghetti straps in white with a blue and red tree pattern throughout

22. A yoga hammock for living that anti-gravity life.

23. A set of push-up handles that'll be the helpful extension your humble hands have been looking for. Keep your form up to par even if you're working (out) from home!

Person doing push-ups while holding the handles on the floor

24. A balance board for working on your snowboarding, skateboarding, and general coordination while inside.

25. A one-shoulder sports bra — a mod look sure to stun on your run.

model wearing the one-shoulder bra in white

26. A Stealth core trainer that's really and truly gonna trick you into loving exercise. This video game balancing board is gonna be your favorite entertainment when you're lying around and looking for something to do.

27. A bala beam can give your arms the workout they've been waiting for, without causing stress or strain on your neck.

28. And finally, an upgraded meditation cushion that'll be a soft place to land when you're done with a hard workout and you're ready to stretch and meditate.

A modern minimalist round cushion on a matching oval mat

Next thing you know, we'll all be doing this workout: