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    34 Maxi Dresses That Are Absolutely Perfect For Fall

    BRB, cleaning out my boo's closet to make room all of these.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A tiered frock featuring sepia-toned giraffes, cranes, butterflies, snakes, and other kinds of creatures — for anyone who isn't ~horsing around~ when it comes to their love of the animal kingdom.

    2. A slouchy cotton blend maxi with dramatic side slits, unfinished edges, and a detailed back cutout. You're gonna love this dress from every (tri)angle.

    3. A woven long sleeve maxi to help you ~ruffle~ up a uniquely sophisticated hippy-chic style this fall.

    4. A stretchy casual maxi with a bold floral detail and breathable fabric — it won't be a ~stretch~ to see how this going to be your favorite article of clothing ever.

    5. A wrapover jersey dress with a lovely narrow silhouette and a beautiful botanical pattern that'll ~leaf~ you breathless.

    6. A cozy oversized maxi so comfortable you're gonna want to eat, sleep, and shop in it 24/7.

    7. A chiffon piece with an elastic waist, flowing fabric, and sash that's sure to be even better than the pot of gold under a rainbow.

    8. An asymmetrical cotton knit dress that is as comfortable as an everyday dress but bold enough for big moments. One thing's for sure, it'll never leave you feeling depleated.

    9. A modern bustier-bodice number in a stone color that's gonna be a rock-hard fashion statement forever. This piece might be modern, but it's also totally timeless.

    10. A velvet maxi you can either wear loosely draped over your body or fitted with a belt. Either way, this dress is a bright idea.

    11. An edgy tie-dye dress that has super soft fabric, a comfy silhouette, and indie appeal — this dress is truly gonna be to ~dye~ for.

    12. A metallic maxi gown with a high neckline and a bow knot detail in back. You are ~knot~ gonna want to pass this dress up!

    13. An oversized, woolen sweater dress for days when you wish you could stay cuddled up in a big ol' blanket all day long.

    14. An airy piece in a fall-focused floral pattern fit for the harvest. You're gonna want to ~flounce~ on this fast before they sell out!

    15. A vintage-inspired Bohemian dress that'll be appropriate for any occasion, whether it be church, brunch, a wedding, or Woodstock.

    16. A semi-formal high-neck maxi so lovely you would totally stick your neck out for it, no questions asked.

    17. A floor length evening dress with a soft fabric, delicate silhouette, and a color as bright as your eyes will be when you go out with your perfect date in this perfect piece.

    18. A twirly moon dress complimented by capped sleeves and a flare skirt that is sure to leave you starry-eyed as you dance the night away in it.

    19. A digital print dress with a whole lotta color, that'll get you a whole lotta compliments from everyone who sees you in it.

    20. A tulip print maxi to make your boo wanna put their own ~tulips~ together and give you a smooch every time you wear it.

    21. A Grecian-inspired knot front maxi that just might show everyone you are the goddess of mythological proportions they've been waiting for.

    22. A high-neck beach dress you can wear with tights and a denim jacket when the weather decides to be a ~beach~ and gets cold before you are ready to get rid of your summer wardrobe. With this, you won't have to!

    23. A maxi gown you can wear to your family's formal holiday party to let them know a grown up has arrived.

    24. A charming floral maxi with wide sleeves, bright colors, and a fluttery vibe everybudy is gonna fall in love with.

    25. A hoodie dress in a light and stretchy fabric for anyone who absolutely refuses to sacrifice comfort when dressing up.

    26. A colorblock sweater maxi in a ribbed knit fabric you'll wanna hug as tight as it hugs your perfect curves.

    27. A lovely floral button-up you're sure to need in at least two colors. Nah, I'm just ~pollen~ your leg... You need it in three.

    28. A witchy sheer mesh maxi you can drape over literally anything to make a dark and sexy statement.

    29. A fluttery satin dress that'll absolutely have hearts aflutter whenever you wear it.

    30. A floral floor-length dress that is chic, simple, and sexy all at the same time. It's sure to make your self love ~bloom~ every time you wear it.

    31. A sexy AF cocktail dress with a criss-cross back detail, high side slit, and a romantic velvet fabric for those moments when you really want to strut your stuff.

    32. A charming striped satin maxi with cami straps and tassel details. Better get it now, because it's sure to be a real ~tassel~ trying to find a dress this perfect once it's sold out.

    33. A chiffon halter piece that'll be an everyday (and every season) staple because you'll want to keep it chiff-on at all times.

    34. And finally, a stunning embroidered maxi dress with a spliced neck, tiered silhouette, fluttered sleeves, and an artistic attention to detail in every stitch. This dress is sure to have you covered all fall (or, like, life) long.

    When somebody dares tell you you don't need more dresses.

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