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    Even If You've Never Worked Out Before, These 27 Products Could Help You Start

    Be prepared to get your heart pumping and these products will ~work out~ the rest!

    1. A pair of weighted bangles that'll cause resistance and help strengthen your arms and legs, even if you just wear them around the house or while on a walk.

    2. A sculpting bar you can shove under your sofa and pull out when you're watching tv. That way, you can raise the bar – literally – with your workout routine without sacrificing screen time.

    3. A set of five exercise bands for beginners who want an intense workout without having to fill their spare bedroom with bulky equipment. These versatile bands are great for making simple workouts simply exhausting...and effective.

    4. A box of yoga dice so you won't have to bend over backwards to find a fun way to work out (unless the dice tell you to).

    5. A weighted hula hoop that'll comfortably target your abs while improving your posture, all while tricking you into an intense core workout that only feels fun!

    6. Or an adjustable weighted jumprope for the cardio-curious who are ready to ~jump~ on a daily workout routine.

    7. A solid U bar weight so sleek, you can leave it around the house as a piece of decor — keeping it somewhere you always see it can remind you to throw in a few minutes of lifting each day!

    8. A high density foam roller sure to help you get on a ~roll~ when it comes to starting a fitness routine. Use this each day to help gain balance, strength, flexibility, and to relax your muscles as you start pushing your body to new limits.

    9. An inconspicuous adjustable pull-up bar you can move up and down your doorframe to assist in pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and dips. Its design is subtle enough that no one will even notice you practically have a whole gym in your hallway.

    10. A pair of performance shorts, because wearing the right attire is likely gonna make or break your workout. These stretchy and breathable bottoms are gonna help you get your butt into gear in no time!

    11. A medicine ball for guaranteeing you have a ~ball~ during your daily workouts. This is designed with dimples for an easy grip, making it the perfect multi-use weight if you're looking for one tool to use in several ways.

    12. A stretching poster that'll guide you through the important stretches you should do with specific workouts. Plus, making a space in your home look designated for workouts is a great way to form an at-home routine.

    13. An ab wheel that's gonna absolutely crush your crunches and make your abs ache in the most satisfying way possible. This is a really intense tool, but it's gonna make your workouts incredible from the start.

    14. Or an abdominal mat for crunches with a full range of motion and a body with a stronger set of abs.

    15. A Nike Flyknit sports bra that's both lightweight and high support, so you can be comfortable and look chic as can be while you sweat.

    16. A boxing ball stand that'll be the most satisfying form of stress relief any workout could ask for, all while increasing your coordination, strength, and core. Honestly, this'll be a huge ~hit~ in your home.

    17. A desk peddle for workaholics who believe in the beauty of multitasking. Who says you can't put the pedal to the metal while working through your nine to five?

    18. A foldable indoor rowing machine — a splurge-worthy piece of equipment that'll take up little storage space, even though it'll take your workout to the next level.

    19. A TRX system sure to help you build muscle from the comfort of your home, or really anywhere else (no strings attached).

    20. A Fitbit to monitor your body's progress and results (and help remind you that sit-ups aren't a workout unless you actually get up).

    21. A PROLite yoga and pilates mat with a lifetime guarantee, for when you want a mat that gets better with every workout right there with you.

    22. Or a printed yoga mat, because it's gonna be far more fun to do a downward dog when you have something cute to look at while you bend and snap.

    23. An exercise ball with resistance bands that just might be the most practical piece of furniture you could put in your home. A "chair" that works abs just by sitting on it? Sign me up for twelve!

    24. A pack of six blister-proof socks with a cushioned sole and arch support for running rookies who feel de-feet-ed by sweaty, swollen feet after a run.

    25. And a stellar pair of running shoes with over 2,000 five-star reviews. You're gonna want to ~race~ to grab these before they sell out!

    26. A cardio trampoline that'll give you an endorphin high with every single jump.

    27. And finally, a Vi headset trainer – a VR personal trainer and tracker that's gonna be the future of fitness for pros, beginners, and everyone in between.

    Ready to workout?!

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