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    29 Embroidery Patterns That Might Make Passing The Time A Stitch Easier

    These patterns are unique, lovely, and ~sew~ fun.

    1. A frighteningly cute ghost embroidery for creative souls who are equal parts kooky and spooky.

    Cartoonish ghost with floral headband

    2. A cherub choice that'll look so cool on display your friends may think, "Shoot! I should have joined in on this crafternoon!"

    Cherub with arrows through its heart

    3. A personalized sparrow piece to give your lovey dove something extra special.

    Two sparrows holding banner over heart. The banner says "To" with room for a name and above the image are the words "with love" in cursive.

    4. An autumnal portrait that'll be loved by anyone who lives for sweater season and changing leaves.

    Person with long hair filled with different leaves that are changing from green to yellow to brown

    5. A mason jar masterpiece for folks who know that when a jar is half simply fill it with flowers!

    Three mason jars with bundles of flowers in each one

    6. A pronoun piece to (decoratively) show that you do not put up with incorrect pronouns in your house!

    Three floral embroidery hoops, each with different pronouns.

    7. A Maya Angelou piece that'll give your poetic soul something inspiring to stare at on the rare occasions when you're not reading or writing.

    Portrait of Maya Angelou with the words "Still I Rise" in the fabric over her hair

    8. A marbled pattern you can download and begin working on faster than you can say, "This rocks!"

    Multi-color embroidery pattern in three different sized hoops

    9. A snazzy squid pick I have an ~inkling~ you're gonna love.

    Person's face with squid swimming in front and behind it

    10. A beginner-friendly embroidery for bath fans who want a piece of art that shows they love bathtime with every hair on their head (and legs).

    Hairy legs with painted toenails inside bath

    11. A living room pick you can grab to show your own shabby living room what it could look like if it would just try a little harder.

    Mod living room with rug, plant, sofa, and orb chandelier

    12. A monogram piece — I alpha-bet this is gonna look fab in your place.

    Several embroidery hoops with a different decorative letter on each one

    13. A heart anatomy pattern that'll have your future house guests loveably saying, "Atri-um, your Grey's Anatomy obsession is getting out of hand."

    Anatomical heart with written part labels

    14. A snow angel pattern for festive folks who love winter ~snow~ much.

    Several people in different outfits making snow angels

    15. A tile embroidery pattern so fun it'll have you ~floored~ when you finish it.

    Feet on decorative tile floor

    16. An abstract piece that kinda looks like something under a microscope, for all you secret-scientists-with-BFA-degrees out there.

    Abstract squiggles and shapes in different colors

    17. A silkmoth piece that'll entertain anyone who is ~bugged~ by sitting around with nothing to do.

    Detailed moth above a floral sprig

    18. A chill pill pattern — a darling (if not entirely subtle) gift you can give to the person you're living with when they're acting like a real pill.

    Purple bottle of pills with the words "Chill Pills" labeled in front

    19. A sweater pup pick sure to lift you up when life is feeling ~ruff~.

    Three different dogs in sweaters with floral frame

    20. A crescent moon gal for folks who daydream about getting back to their nightlife.

    Half a person's face with necklace. The top half is a moon.

    21. A floral embroidery pattern that'll tell it like it is.

    Floral pattern where negative space spells "UGH"

    22. A floral head piece you're gonna wanna show off botanic-all over once it's finished.

    Person's body in bra and panties with flowers for a head

    23. A Harry Potter pattern sure to add a little magic to your living room.

    Train going over valley with flying car in sky above it

    24. A rainbow burst pattern that'll give any place a beautifully boho vibe ~eye~ bet you can't live without.

    An eye with a rainbow above it and sun beam design below it

    25. A full embroidery kit that's gonna be great if you love tattoos but hate needles so much you don't even have a sewing kit in your home.

    Back pf person's neck. They have their hair in a messy bun, wearing a tank top, with a back covered in colorful floral tattoos

    26. A lovely sweater weather pattern you can give your sweetheart just because they deserve something special.

    Two abstract people hugging. They have on big sweaters.

    27. A coffee prep pattern you may have just realized you've ~bean~ needing your whole life.

    Several outlines of different coffee makers

    28. A summer fruit bundle you're gonna love ~berry~ much.

    Knitted fruit with embroidered leaves

    29. And finally, a striking desert scene you can get in honor of all the hobbies you'll be ~deserting~ the minute you realize embroidery has been your one true love all along.

    Desert scene with cacti, mountains, and a setting sun

    Now get stitching!